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That you need to be on the lookout for if Europe and Williams a county watch out the I 35 frontage Road South found Well, you haven't overturned vehicle right there. Hester's crossing. It's gonna be causing the problems in that area. But the rest you're major roadways. Like right now we're looking really good. Shifting over to your news. Radio, K o B. J radar Weather watch looks like we'll have Ah, Warmer day today. The rain chances, though slim to none compared to previous days High about 83 degrees. Partly cloudy skies into the afternoon evening and overnight hours with low tonight about 69 degrees. This segment brought Turn off your laptop were on staycation. I'm on total wine dot com. They have so many Rosie's chardonnays and process coz it feels like a real vacation. Wondrous election. Helpful guides ridiculously low prices, Total wine and more. It's in this news is brought to you by triple A countertop, stopping Austin's news Austin Police are investigating more violence overnight downtown. Please say that recalled after reports of gunfire from under a bridge and east 79 35 as they were working that scene. Another call came Men about a shooting at 18th in Colorado, where a man and woman were both struck by bullets. The woman has reportedly died. The man has been hospitalized but is expected to survive. The police haven't really elaborated, but say they do believe these two incidents could be connected. Also in the news, effective immediately, masks are no longer required on the U. T campus either indoors or outdoors. This puts the school in line with Governor Greg Abbott executive order that will take effect tomorrow. Spencer Fox, with the UT modeling consortium tells CBS Austin masks will still be optional. What we don't know. Right now is actually how the public will change their behavior based on the governor's new order, UT president J. Hartzell says after commencement ceremonies are complete. The university will provide more details on the next phase of the return to campus plan. Freefall of Active Cove in cases and Travis County continues for another day is awesome. Public health says That number is now down to 513. It's a drop of 30 from a day ago in a drop of more than 60 over the past 48 hours, it continues a day to day trend that has been seen recently. Hospitalizations remain low 91. Overall, nearly 82,100 people have recovered. Signs of pre pandemic live are beginning to pop up in a faster rate. Further evidence of that has come this week with the announcement that the Austin City Limits Music Festival will be back for two weekends in October. It was canceled last year, along with every other major event. This will mark the festival's 20th year in the lineup will be released today on a similar note after having.

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