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Has been a shot blocking machine in the series. Kelly takes some guts to do that knowing got a guy that shoots at one hundred miles an hour and you're playing with a broken foot. Doc, you get a deepening zone as past three minute. Mark. Period. Please. Stars tied at one here in game seven and Saint Louis tonight. The winner moves on to the Western Conference final to take on the winter of tomorrow's game seven been a shark send to the avalanche. Let me correct myself the assumption there may be a broken Broken Hill. Yes. I don't wanna say that people think that I know some type of inside information. But clearly the case is the kid is struggling a little bit. And to give them a lot of credit and guts standing away I breakers. Not to give him credit not afraid to put himself in harm's way. And he's been productive as well. Second in the NHL rookie point to the postseason with eight. Loose at the stars live blues and cooling off side of the plates in one thousand nine seconds into the second period of game seven which tied at one and subscribed to NHL drop. Plas at all new podcast, featuring in-depth raft and prospect analysis available on NHL dot com or wherever you get your podcasts. Rotate, hence, thirteen blocks going into game seven tonight. He is going to be black and blue win or lose. Bacchus slid into the stars Lovejoy racing back to get it to check back into Kelsey in front of the net and his blocked by Bishop. Lost his goal stick here. It's stuck in the back of his net. Living dangerously as he goes out to get it. Buck is at center and Edmonson will pick it up and scattered up the left wing side. The incident. Deep zuccarello will pick it up along the fire boards and with the middle of the ice down the ice and that turns into an icing. Call the stars with four minutes and one second on in period. Number two in Saint Louis in Dallas, even at one here in game seven tonight. You talked about it. I think there's a little bit more. Caution right now at the Saint Louis blues. Swears the Oprah's of. Taking off and leaving their defense sort abandoned abandoned goaltender having to bail them out. If dispirited been buried. Much determined checking group as opposed to the first period of Dallas, like they just haven't got their four check going just the way they like it or I should say out of the zone seed the way they'd like to device the puck three times in this period. And and that's a Dallas team likes that but possession as they do it again here. And and they also liked to make sure that they're very controlled one thing. They don't do very often if they don't have to put the puck in dumping. Four minutes. Eight seconds into the second period stars are still looking for the first shot and bul blues have to. Often they got two bishops, right? Shannon. Fox get all tangled up experts brief zuccarello knocked off. Allison stars can't clear it out here. Shena behind bishops debt that from Hayes could in Shan twisting and turning in the far quarter, walk up, the boards and drop it at Transaero takes over white points. Elza shot hiawatha the stars net. Up to your board will hold it in full of loose. Again. There's an opportunity where the blues the hit the neck. Bishop naked save and maybe the puck plays in front of them. They missed the ball again. Never that idea. What a win Gretzky say miss one hundred percent of the shots. And I didn't take right. Petra Angelou, even the blues zonal out to set a redoubt and takes over you'll lock it down and carry it. That's that's Carello left wing side. Throws it hit me on the blues death buckle wicked shoot back to the boat who line claim her out in front looking for Richie. Cummins speeding in off the bench instead clamber shot on and whips it high didn't miss much on that one. Berg went up there if you'll remember for a goal a couple of games ago. Now the game winner at Ford you victory in beam five found still in front of the blues net. Signed to Shenzhen Shannon, dangerous past. That's can't reach the owner blues. The other way Arbor chef gets across the stars line. Lindbergh running with him fans called the penalty the referee. Do not incomes ten spinning out of the blue zone. Ben. But his pass picked off the back. Check their by Barbara Chev tries to threaten the needle to play ends up. Getting knocked away from him in Rancho LA big pollution there with parv shove and. Radulovich a little shake it up. Alexander Radulovich is a big strong, man. But I've been parv shoveling huge open. I sit there Kelly Barbara show very physical guy in a checker. He'd catches Radulovich admiring his pass a little bit Radulovich is to brace himself gets that front leg off the ice a little bit. And it's why it's a collision and not a contact sport to collision sport as two big men. Running to one another. The center of gravity Radulovich wasn't in place where it should have been. He's off the bishops right lose what it with a shot. It's fought off by Bishop little handcuff making that safe, but he made it and now Ben was skidded across cetera shooter in behind Bennington. Snap into a grab it and give it to lend. Dell. Download in front looking for Dickinson over skates bouncing puck and album will pick it up for the year and something down the ice just past the six minute Mark up here number two here enterprise center in Saint Louis. Derek Wilson Kelly chase for game seven between the blues and the stars were tied at one tonight. Rake Ogle's right wing side to Thomas taps the puck to center Lorette line mood. Dumps it in. Stars back to get it. Those third at center ice by pull. Lift it up in the end right back in. But it went out of play on the way, I'm going to call an ISIS territory. It is what it is. And again zuccarello. Making for that quick break down the right wing stretching it a bit looking through their bishops we're gonna offense headman that to him. And he does a great job of battling along the wall. Enforcing the blues to make a quick decision and ends up in ice and call for six thirty seven of the second period chaser in the blues have the only four shots on goal of the created a much better job than a second. Defensively as the stars where to draw hasty steps in. Hey skin for stood behind that at five Thomas to nineteen year olds buddy, who'll pack. Your Thomas wins that bottle of mocks. It ahead to maroon at center for Trump's Thomas, but angered body him off. The puck comes free for Thomas near quarter. He center didn't flooded. Mrs maroon right on the doorstep. Maroon from his knees will win a battlefield o'clock as fire quarter to Thomas Thomas kettles behind bishops net feeds it in front reaching Ford taken down. We've got the first cuddly call I'll came seven coming up and the blues we'll head to the power play. Twelve fifty three to play in period, number two here and enterprise center in Saint Louis blues. We'll try to take a two one lead when we come back. It's one in game seven against the stars from NBC sports Westwood One. This is what I shall Hockey League. I'm a veteran. My victory was admitting. I had PTSD and getting help. As marika's veterans face challenges. DAV is there a no longer see it as a weakness. But as a sign of strength. I call it post traumatic growth DAV provides a lifetime of support helping veterans of every generation get the benefits they've earned..

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