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Ooh the guts a great question um i don't know even in our if you can get a linebacker ray lewis tight low linebacker ray someone that can haul came linebacker yeah well what i'm saying is that someone that that position so key because they've got to communicate with the front and they got to communicate with secondary it's the equivalent of the the quarterback on defense and you see it with sean li in dallas every time he goes out was huge communication problems in a we were lucky with bruschi in new england but there's got to be it doesn't have to be the hall of fame linebacker would it's gotta be that guy that smart enough to run the defense make the calls that strong enough to get guys the follow him that that defense of equivalent to two quarterback it's hard to get that same thing done with a safety from the deck flipside what's the one position that you could wait all wait till the end that the cherry on top maybe not bill we you know it's obviously not the least valuable position but a position that you can you know work around not having a great guy add you 10duo um did tend to value guards a little bit less than guy then some of the other lyman he knows center he's gonna make the calls he's got to get the lying on the left tackle a we all know the issues there it's tough when he got problems a right tackle you can disguise you can hide some things at the guard spot because you can slide the line news the saturda talv among who would you take uh if you're looking at quarterback i honestly don't know that whole process can attain some some much between now and the draft and and typically when you come out of the season you've got all these guys were hyped up about you know the things that they've done in college which is great when you actually start looking at him in the skill sets and things that are transferrable it just regained his dramatic got to wait till josh on throws the ball seventy yards in shorts in everyone's like whoa he's amazing hidden not none of that that's where you can get real.

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