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Course, podcast on major podcast platforms all over the world each and every week and really appreciate everybody tuning in. However, you're listening to trainer talk here on this Wednesday afternoon or maybe even a bit later listening on the podcast. Well, throughout the history of thoroughbred racing, there have been some incredibly successful partnerships among trainers who have taken private jobs for owners in the business and names like suge mcgahey and the FIPS family immediately come to mind. Neil Howard and his magical run with the Ferris family and lane then, and then you had Kira McLaughlin in the maktoum family and that relationship that worked so well for so long. Well, my guest on today's show isn't ready to count himself among those legendary pairings just yet. But he's also just getting started in September, he took over as private trainer for Katie rich farms in midway, Kentucky. He has saddled 6 winners from his first 26 starters. That's not a bad start. And at just 27 years old, the sky certainly appears to be the limit. As a matter of fact, how about this, in his first 8 months on the job, the native of Lexington, Kentucky, has made such a powerful impression that George Barnes, the president of Katie rich farms, took time to email me and had nothing but praise for their young trainer. Please join me in welcoming trainer Daniel leach to trainer talk presented by phasic tipton. Daniel appreciate the visit. Oh, I appreciate you guys calling me. Fun. You know, in his email, George made it a point to say that you've done a fantastic job and the team at Katie rich is convinced that you have a really bright future. It sounds like the perfect marriage. Oh, I mean, I love everybody out there and you know, they've given me an opportunity of a lifetime and you know stuff like this don't happen to people like me every day and when you get opportunity like this, you got to run with it and you've got to, I mean you got to make everything possible happen and if it does it's good, it's all good if not figure something else out but I just get in a really good opportunity and I love everybody over Katie rich and they're like family to me. When did you or what do you remember about the moment when you got the news that you were going to be promoted to head trainer? Well, it was kind of all in the work within probably four years, 5 years. So I started taking horses for Mark with the old trainer and I started shipping horses around for him like the Ohio to Virginia to just different little tracks that would needed to run and I'll run in for him, satellite and then bring him back and then I wanted to start doing more and more and so I got another job with ray handel down in Florida and I went down with him for a little bit and I wanted to stay with rape for a little bit longer, but they called me. They wanted me to come back and Mark was getting older and I just they wanted me to be around the barn more and help him ship and that. So I just decided to come back and it would just all going all good and you know it was you know I knew it was gonna happen but I just need to get my license so once I took the test and passed the test and actually got my license, I just figured it would be a matter of time before it happened. So you mentioned Mark and that's Mark Hubble who was the longtime trainer at Katie rich and he trained right up until last year. Is he training anything this year at all? No, he's not, he's actually retired. I think he's in he has also had the house in Colorado and breckenridge and I'm pretty sure he's out there right now. I've seen him every once in a while. He texted me after races every once in a while. He's like a father figure kind of and you know he helped me out a lot and I always loved Mark so he had some pretty good horses too for Katie rich. I think he saddled well let me see, I looked it up on echo base. It looks like 275 career winners more than $5.2 million in purses. So Mark Hubble was around some pretty good horses too. There was that one, I'm trying to think, was it your round? Was that the name of the Katie rich horse that he trained that was so good? Yeah, he had your round. He had missed Mary apples. He had misread delicious, which those are a part of the same family. Yeah, those are the better ones that he had, yeah. What things did you learn from Mark that, you know, that you're taking with you now is you're the head guy. Just a horseman, a lot of just a lot of horsemanship. Marquis, he always figured, you know, if the horse did want to do it, or just figuring out the horse and figure out what the horse liked. That's what I've learned a lot about that from Mark. How do you do that? You know, if they go, I mean, if they're going out, if they're going out and training and they're come back happy, I mean, they like it. And if they come back with their head and between their legs and they don't seem to give their refusing or if they're going on the track, spinning around and that they don't, you know, they don't like it, something's going on. You got to figure something else out, some to do something different with them. Is that something you can figure out relatively quickly? Or does it sometimes take a little time to do it? No, it's just all about the horse if it's whatever the horse likes to do. If the horse is training really good then keep on going with it, if not, then you gotta figure something else out. You know, you mentioned the name ray handled too and ray has been on this program, this trainer talk show. Tell me about working with ray and what you learned from him. Ray, he's also a really, really good horseman. And I've learned really just pick your spots with horses. He's.

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