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The science has evolved of flooding meditation. Then my treatment has evolved as well. I worked very closely with by healthcare. I'm a huge proponent. That diabetes is a team. Sport breaks a full team to successfully manage diabetes when it comes down to medical professionals for sure by chronology Dr Peters Diabetes Educator Donna. Working with the nutritionist. My exercise physiologist integrated that. But it's also my team at home. It's it's my wife. My parents my sister. My friends that I'm having a hard day on burned out. They're the ones that support me healthy and encourage me Even people the diabetes community are the people that understand what I what I go through every day and sometimes reaching out to ban and just talking through challenges they faced or how things have gone really well for the last couple of weeks Is I think that's an important part of vantage get talked about Managing Diabetes exported working within that team to continue to ask questions about what infringer available. What injection method allergies are out there? how how things worked for me? It find having problems if I have an issue with by JAB activity. Is someone else they that overcome that. I think that that dialogue is really important to keep getting better lie. I think families are really important component. My former husband is a type. One of forty four years and doesn't have any diabetes complications. And we're really good friends and I was meeting recently. Were talking about blood. Sugars new said. Don't you remember you know? We got married in her late twenties. I don't remember every time my blood sugar was high said. Don't worry it's GonNa come down and it really made a difference and I said I really said that he's like yeah and it helped so I really. It's interesting because even for me I you know having these conversations you forget that how important your family is. Because it's easy are they're that first line of support and and sometime. I definitely kill badly. That has to get the deal with my Mood swing by blood. Sugar Swing sometime and the Beeping of my my desk com g six bedside table in the middle of the night those sorts of things. I feel badly that when she's trying to sleep and especially at the moment she's pregnant and where Trying to make sure she gets arrest. And sometimes especially if I'm hovering around and alarm blood sugar and I've a glowing above the flow it It doesn't always wake me up because I I hear it. I understand by punchers. Okay right around that alarm number. I'm fine but it definitely wakes her up. I feel badly about. I think you know as you were saying. Family's really important but also diabetes is a family disease you know. Everyone learned to participate. I know for me when I got involved with my former husband. I was really impressed. The way he manages diabetes. He really was proactive. He wasn't embarrassed about it. And the way he modeled. It was the way I expected everyone to being than later when I start working in the industry I realized that not. Everyone's like that so modeling that in having the support and having your family support you know rather than publicly shaming you for example some people write me and say hey you know i. I dated someone and they tested their blood sugar at the table. Unite isn't that improper knows like I said No. It's not so so I think that's I think to me that's one of the great things about having worked with the race with influence program for the last twelve years is being able to green diabetes into the light a little bit too to kind of remove some of those stigmas that people talk about And I can't remember who it was. It was another notice patient lassiter and he was talking about. How is his grandmother had diabetes and and they didn't talk about it they said. Oh she she's got the sugar just kind of it was. It was just kind of a nord or almost minimized and now the conversation around diabetes has changed part of it is the growth of the the community wants. Take Two's And access all right access and communication. I think social media podcast boggs. Online interaction has really allowed the conversation within the diabetes community to to remove that stick by to to make it more of a interactive dialogue with all of the stakeholders within the the disease state from. You know medication. Companies to healthcare professionals to patients to advocates to passengers. There's there's there's this great continuing to grow as low energy of bow the conversation and and the future And then something that you know being involved with no one can being part grace within flip program. I think my rookie year in Indycar in twenty eleven in fact couple years before that has been a lot of fun to be part of and does the new team that you're racing with is something that they're learning about also taken it upon themselves. They know the difference between type one type two or do you feel a responsibility to them with that. Like oh it's funny. You say a responsibility to educate I think I see it as an opportunity to you educate The new team for me. It's really exciting on a professional level to raise for somebody like Aj four Aj for history with indycar racing thing within the Indianapolis Motor speedway general as a driver. He's one all over the world. Some of US psychotic races out there and touch was the first four time winner of the Indianapolis five hundred. That's pretty rarified. Air and he has his face on the Warner Trophy. Times fighting it out with five hundred in five different decades and you talk about that and how challenging it is to just make indy five hundred not only did he make it in five different decades. But then he went on to win it four times so his history as a driver. Is it Tommy? The whole team and a culture of the team the being able to to learn from him and and work with their team at at in the card every car race. This year is pretty exciting. I think it's it's early days within by awareness and education campaign within the the race team but there are a couple of team members mechanics team managers. But I've worked with at previous rates. So they're pretty aware and they're really excited to to continue to learn and and learn about the race with programming. Will THAT BE TRUMP? Let let me ask you with the decks COM G. Sex.

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