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O a dot com So my regards to this this domestic, you know his situation. They're in Northwest Hills Northwest Austin Great Hills Trail Area yesterday afternoon that Travis County D a Jose Garza, who took office in January, he said in a statement. My heart breaks for the victims of this senseless act of violence and their families. Every day. Law enforcement's the judges and prosecutors work hard to keep our committee say from acts of violence. When Mr Brodrick is captured, he will be held accountable. That is that is the very latest right there on this situation. We also confirmed that two of the victims have been confirmed. At least via the elegant I SD. They were. Two of the youngest of the victims were one was a student. There was gonna be playing football next year at the University of North Texas. One had graduated recently. And you know, very active members, very academically successful in athletic, and it's very sad story for those folks in the Elgon I s d this morning. You could jump in at 51283605 90 Toll free 87759055 to 5, you know. It is amazing to me how lax the system is right now, as far as someone who has been accused of rape Eyes able to walk around free like that, and also who especially when you get an impact statement like that from the victim who says I'm afraid of my father. He's going to try to kill me if you let him out. And and he did. I mean, essentially, none of that was taken seriously. I don't know. And the fact that was he as far as how bail works eyes it possible that he really got out like with $5000. I mean, given the dash in a monetary, they put a GPS tracking device on him he wore for about 140 days and His lawyer was able to, you know, submit a written statement saying he's had no problems, and judge Karen Sage says she typically allows them to take their monitors off after that 90 days. If there's no problem apparently had no problem now. He also had his weapons taken away from him and wasn't supposed to go buy any new weapons. Not sure if that happened or not. But he did go on a killing spree yesterday. And, uh, I example of unfolded exactly the way the daughter said It would example also, no matter what happens is for us gun legislation. The bad guys were going to still get a gun. You know how you know whether he has guns were taken away or not? We don't know. But it sounds to me like the system fell. This family and this child particularly Completely completely completely ineffective. 7 50 former President Donald Trump says Republicans running in the 2022 midterms should be running on the trump platform. If they want to win. Yes. We've expanded the Republican Party you've seen. I mean the Texas border. We have the biggest Hispanic vote since, as the governor said to me, he called me up great governor, he said. Since Reconstruction, I said, You're talking about civil war right, he said. Since civil war If you want to win and win big, you have to do that. You have to do it. There you go. That's Trump. He was on Fox last night now Joe body and finally is referring to the situation on the borders of crisis. Following that video of that 10 year old boy there was found walking in the dark at night. All alone, Biden finally used the word that his administration has been trying to avoid at just about every turn. Crisis. And then there are questions about the role of vice president Kamila Harris, who was tasked with dealing with the root causes of this crisis at the border. There's no indication at this point when or if she's going to see firsthand what's happening now Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, he says. It's you know, it's it will be very hard to meet Joe Biden's pledge to resettle 62,000 refugees by the end of the fiscal year. Made the challenges the U. S migrant facilities are are facing still Kamala. She's a no show. You know she's still you know, she's supposed to lead this effort and still is a no show, not making any real promises. Not really doing anything. If you will know, the only thing we we've heard is that she was going to visit Central America and try toe. You know, I guess by herself, maybe she's going to Steve Adler's combo, said Lucas conduct Maybe so, Mark Brana Bitch is the Arizona attorney. General. There's a parent because an attorney general former game prosecutor, it is absolutely heartbreaking to see that video. This is the United States of America, not some third World country. You don't have to be a psychic to have predicted this. It's Porter crisis. As I've said from the beginning is a national security area issue and a humanitarian crisis. It's why I've sent a letter to our governor, asking him to declare a state of emergency, asking them to deploy the National Guard. We need to be doing everything because they can is a country to secure the border not only for national security reasons, but for humanitarian reasons. You know, the president has executive orders in his tool box. Do you have anything left in the state? A G toolbox that you can use. Help solve this problem, or you basically all out of tools, Tom, we're going to continue to do everything we can I can is an Eiji and my colleagues. As you may know, I've already been involved in three lawsuits against the Biden administration s. So we're gonna continue to do everything we can. We've asked the court's order the wall be constructed. We've asked, they reinstate remain in Mexico policy with acid to reinstate the deportation policy, and we've we've asked interviews, the court will take another look at the public charge rule because what the Biden administration is done. Is the criminal lines incentivized, and now they're monetizing people crossing into this country illegally. There you go. He's spot on. Yeah, jumping at 51283605 90. What was the point in in appointing Kamala the borders? That was just small coin. That was just smoking mirrors. I mean, did they realized afterwards that Wow, That was kind of a stupid mistake? No, no, no. I think everything's going according to plan. Showed for the progressive left. This is you know, they thrive in chaos. You know what's going on in the border? That's exactly what they ran on. Why are people surprised that this is happening? I mean, this is what You voted for our allegedly voted for? I guess they thought it would be enough to just show that they have appointed a border czar, and that should be enough to pass by all of us. They never had any intention to fix this problem. They don't have any intention to fix this. Fix this problem. They have been running a campaign for open borders for a couple of years. Well, and people say Oh, no, they're not tied and they don't want nobody wants open borders. Yeah, they do. Yeah, they do. Yeah, they do. And as far as you know this, whatever. Just a ceremonial are symbolic, You know, move for her to go down. This is Central America, and we're going to address the root cause of this problem. That's something that is going to take years and years and years and years have drastic action to change. She needs to be where the problem is right now, and that's right there on the American border, and she's not going. There is new information this morning in regards to that horrible shooter situation in which three people were killed by that former Travis County detective yesterday. We're learning a little bit more about the victims, and we'll tell you we'll give you a full report straight ahead right after the local news at the top of the hour, you could jump in at 512836059 in Thailand Don show I think it's fair to say that most families haven't lied. 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