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People. Say you don't understand. They cut off the very advice. They need to hear because they want self justify. Does it make sense. That it's hard is it makes sense. It's much more difficult with someone who doesn't listen doesn't make more sense when you have an obstinate husband team or person on in your business sure. Those are roadblocks those are difficulties. Those are struggles but just because it's hard doesn't mean it's impossible to improve just because it's hard doesn't mean it's impossible to improve. You can improve your relationships. And i think you're gonna find that and we're gonna start at right now. You want improve your relationships. Let's do a gut check. How much ambition have you had recently for. Great relationships have you woken up about it. Have you journal about have you thought about. Is it in your goal sheet. If i paraded in your house show me the piece of paper that says improve this relationship showing me the piece of paper that says create great relationships with everybody. I mean. show me the paper show me. How often that piece of paper journal show me. How often you wrote that down and then we can have a conversation that i don't understand right so let's start with. Have you had the ambition. And it's not. Let's reignite that today let's reignite your desire for deep compelling beautiful awesome fulfilling intimate zesty fun relationships again you can have and if you stop yourself from believing that it only you disengage from the skill set disengaged from the development here and that might sound like harsh or judgmental away for a coach off with. But i'm a high performance coach. I'm supposed to hold your feet. Could fire them it and challenge you and say this should be an area that you love working on. Raise your hands if you love communication. Yeah you guys get it. This is a great and a fun and a fulfilling a great place to folks so please. Let's up level our ambition together. Okay my friend. I hope you enjoyed this episode of the brennan show. Tell some people about this episode. It's on each of us to spread positivity and empowerment during these times of chaos in negativity. Right so i'm asking you to be the dealer of hope and personal growth and education in your tribe so take a screen shot right now and share the screen shot and this link to this episode with three of your friends today. Post it on social media. Use the hashtag growth day. That's hashtag growth day because that's the name of my company and we're always giving away prizes to our community. If you like to help me personally then please. Rate and review the podcast on apple podcasts. Give some stars. Cheer us on lee review because believe it or not that stuff actually really does help and i read all of them so my last thought for today. Please remember you are stronger than you think. And the future holds. Good things for you. Tomorrow can be inspired today. Every new morning is a second chance. Every day is a great day to grow. We're thankful to have you here. In the growth they community so sure to go deeper with us at growth day dot com..

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