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Let us the apple country music list but that means that they should if they have some songwriting chops or some good taste picking songs they could turn up taken your them. They can call that. Jean jacket guy. Yeah see what he asked for them home or maybe not jim is life. I need a song. I can sing on a big rock. Yeah what a good. When i was on the big rock. Make sure it's appropriate for a big giant moon raw. Well i had never watched the voice before. I think the way we did it which is to come in late. Once they were already wittling people down is the way to do it. Yeah i don't think. I would want it to go through a whole bunch of auditions. 'cause the coaches have a really really cute stick but you only yeah it has. It has a shelf life. And i don't think i would have wanted another. I think i had just enough of it. Wouldn't really want another five or ten weeks or however long this thing went right you know i felt like i just had just. The right amount was fun and it was mostly enjoyable. Yeah and you can't blame. Nbc for milking it as much as you may want to. It's hard to produce things right now. Yeah so speaking of saying goodbye. Oh we also came to the end of the second season of baby ballroom which i am. Sad to learn is the last existing seat season of baby ballroom whether there will be more. I do not know. Probably not trying to but i for some reason thought there was a third season and so was wondering what these tiny little dancers would be up to in another year but we shall not know unless we go on instagram and look them up and see how much they have grown up and how much make emily now wears. Oh my goodness honey honey. She had an instagram post asking for sponsorship for lashes no twelve year old..

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