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E. G. A. S. two two one zero zero zero you know with all the just craziness that's been going on the on going on in the world lately you know you have a lot of people out there who are having to stay at home be it self imposed or be it government imposition of people are looking at gosh when all this is over with where am I going on vacation have you get that given that one thought because well Thomas I look at life as a vacation so I'm happy every single day even in downward trends like this that would markets it's still great to wake up it's a lot better than the alternative yeah six feet under so he don't want to be but we don't wanna be down to retirement but we we know that we're all going to end up in the same place eventually so let's just make sure that we're all gonna not be retirement let's make sure we get the right plan let's go quickly and it's it's so simple to do it it's you know the main enemies fear our complacency and procrastination the way you know we say everything's fine my broker knows what he's doing there he he basically understands exactly we want to have happen but yet when you look at when you think back to the time you actually set up your plan whatever whether it be a financial planner you're told to retirement plan think about how many questions or lack of questions your advisor asked you yeah not only about what your risk tolerance is with L. one S. that give the questionnaire we do it to everyone has to get a figure out which responses well what do you want to really do in retirement in depth questions not asked because we need to find out what you want to do in retirement that we look at what the cost today then we can extrapolate that ten twenty thirty fifty years down the road to see what inflation will do that cost and make sure you have a true retirement plan it'll enable you to do everything you want to do in retirement that you've been told you're gonna be able to do what you have it's never been proven so let's prove it to you to make sure that you are set up correctly you know it's it's times like this time as we have the ebbs and flows in the market tidal waves and earthquakes in the financial world yeah people really do see who has the best interest at heart and if they have the correct plan to begin with and hoard Buffett always said it's not to the tide goes out that you would then you realize who does not have a bathing suit on we're seeing that right now and a lot of folks thought they had something they didn't so let's make sure to get something that you did thank you have set up now for the future the next twenty people do that at no cost we seen others charge over a thousand dollars for this and our strategies do work best for those of you with over a million dollars dedicated to retirement but as long as you have two hundred thousand dollars dedicated save for retirement not in your house but in your retirement plans we can help you no cost no obligation and also give you a box at the five keys to a successful retirement that's a box that that has DVDs workbooks guide books.

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