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They ended up getting the lottery. Whether that's at number two they trained back. I one on whoever whoever they signed on the mid level exception which it's looking like they're definitely gonna do. They're definitely they're definitely going to utilize and then one on whoever whoever they require with the traded player exception which I personally think is more than fifty percent chance. Something that they're gonna use. I don't think it's a guarantee. But i think they're probably gonna end up using it on like a that Rotation caliber wing. A guy like a is one. I've mentioned many times And then so. Then you're looking at you know at best to open spots. But it's looking like you know they're they're they're gonna wanna maybe use a minimum contract unlimited amount of minimum contracts that they can sign so if you go get like a glen robinson the third and signed him to a minimum I think he'd do that and is going to be other. Ethnic decent guys out there. Decent rotation caliber guys that you can get minimum So and then keep reminds. You also have bowman wants interesting. Michael moulder guys last season. Stay in her on. Non-guaranteed deals and i think you know the warriors would like to keep around least one of them You know it's not looking like all three will be able to make the roster but maybe can keep around one of them and then something interesting to that also came out just yesterday is that the league is looking at changing the to a contract so that so that layers onto contracts can spend more than just forty five days with the nba team given that it's going to be a crazy year with potential. Kobe outbreaks and Teams want that kind of roster flexibility so The not kinda complicated. But there's a lot of factors at play here. And bob myers you know is is gonna is gonna utilize those those contracts and they think it's very possible that the warriors ended up signing a guy like michael motor or wants time since two one of those two way deals and those guys in the You know playing more than forty five days in and being helpful next season now The worst can also if they if they so choose. They can draft someone in the second round With one of their big or or even if they trade up retreat down In the second round they can they can take someone inside them away as well so There's a lot of options here What what are what are your initial thoughts thinking hearing those absence. There's there's something that's so unusual about the warriors current position. Most teams were having. The conversation was podcasts. That are covering teams. That are having a conversation..

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