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In on the action okay alright guys let's do it I handle on the news Jennifer Wayne me leave starry all right the three victims size three of the victims in the bill rate garlic festival shooting a six year old six year old boy Stephen Romero thirteen year old that young lady and a twenty five year old man how graduate as that it was at G. G. you've got a college in upstate New York and a biology major not that that matters but die just a little bit of information on the three who were killed totally are just crazy at random wrong place wrong time and chest the parents losing a six year old thirteen year old even a twenty seven year old you know losing a child under any circumstances what we're finding out a little bit more about the killer turns out he came from a pretty prominent family in Gilroy his dad was a competitive runner and coaches brother was a boxer his grandfather had been a supervisor in Santa Clara county yeah I mean you Jeez no one knows now no one knows how these people where they go I mean there is that there were there were some social media posts I think yeah where he is you can see that swirly and went into the direction I think of white flight from Amsterdam yeah well in San Fernando we're learning a little bit more about the gas station worker who was shot seven times and survived this is all part of that big scene that we were watching last week where a guy shot his father brother and mother the dad and the brother died the mom survived then he goes to the gas station kills his ex girlfriend shoots her co worker seven times that guy survived his name is Hey suse that lead to lead and he's a father he drives fifty miles everyday to work at this gas station and they say he's actually he's gonna make it out with a lot of surgery yeah I just you know it's just shooting after shooting will be doing shooting stories for the rest of our lives and also will be doing data breach story here's another massive one brought to you courtesy of Capital One yeah.

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