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Experienced. He's not a tv broadcast. He's learning and some people have no patience for people that are trying to learn and get better the other cat excalibur damn good. He's really good and i i would like it a perfect world to have my run there and then leave it to hell and and hopefully you learn things from our little meetings and are working together or communication especially going to work every week brother brother. It ain't ain't easy being married every week to arresting personality right and that's why a lot or not got along so well. We're more interested in what we're the next cracker. Barrel exit was then then we were about who's getting the push quite frankly because we're both making more money than we ever dreamed make more money broadcast and he made i think as the world champion in the awa awa so you know i it was <hes>. All those guys are good but i i like to ask a lot. He he brought his <music>. Accent is distinctive right. You listen to it and <hes> he did. A good job is real good. Personality is still growing in that regard. He's was just get better and better at that world that he never know what aid of just going to do. That's the great thing about this company. There's no preconceived notion. Well this guy burn that bridge. This guy burned that bridge battle. He didn't sell for me. One time and nagoya show vice. It's weird to me that the tas- with everything popping up now you know obviously he had time with every to be the impact but you know between ring of honor and between the end of their thing and they w and inex- tea and new japan dan <hes> there's so many options you would think that surely the good name all w tash doing commentary for somebody go i i agree with. I agree with that but he also got understand. He's got a very high profile morning show right that restricts travel but also also you know if you could make the travel piecework. Having the very successful radio show gives you wrestling promotion the rub in a big way. I don't know i it just yeah. No you're right. You're right. Let's hope for him wherever it may be if that's what he wants to do right that's the other thing about this test got to do with ties wants to do so and god bless you for it because he might be great coming in and who knows they may tell me hey j._r. We're going to ruin in december and what do you think about work tasr. I'd love it. Eleven are tony our whoever is not my my place is to love it in my place is to make it work because they're paying me to make this work in that role and that's by god what i'm gonna do no matter who sit beside me well. I thought he you did a good job with smackdown and i miss him on t._v. Colin wrestling so i'm sure of relief this wrestling quote unquote boom continues. Somebody will write a big enough. Check and he'll say okay well. We'll do it again. The name of the game baby show with the money. Nick wants to know what's wrestler's court helpful policing the locker room or was there backlash and and do you have any fun wrestling court stories even if you weren't necessarily present forum. I'm sure the stories made the rounds. I didn't go to any wrestler. Scored in my role would not have been very judicious student term. I always thought that the restaurants court was a was a a kind of an icebreaker or refund kind of a <hes>. Let me up moment. <hes> it gave the guys <hes> a source of entertainment that they created and they shared that wasn't on t._v. Them and they're buddies. Having a good time the the the worst punishments doled out was usually a case of beer or a fifth after jack daniels or something like that and yes. I know pollute curric- folks that well. That's sitting around message. I saw survivor today said i can't relieved okay the a._w._s. Houston jake roberts these commercials and he's smoking.

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