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Really wasn't of tension in the season's if even make it seem like women are going to war semis we'll just have fun a liked it didn't did it to be leukemia on the best part of this opening segments semi was watching the dirty ass look that robin gave anti when he was saying habit chacha backstage are shasharussia for whatever reason robin has this evil look on her face and i love that robin is so softspoken most of the time and like such a fucking your about warm be listening she's boring and then you forget until she comes waving her fingers and someone's face her like you know yelling at the black person for being jewish or whatever she's doing this making her despicable or this one where she just loses it jeddah when she thinks the cameras are off idiot it just you know even robin brought it miss warm with yasser did well she brought it last reunion to which was like okay we like the side of on my favorite part of the pre show was when shasha was look who they she hasn't through jewelry ahn's diamonds here's how many kartha that who count in some of those broke people you could see like shot was about to be liked for the never mind i'm path i find it odd that don't know how they carrots are in my diamonds i don't see anything arendt'si'm opening carat wound the room for every belly the have carrots dan did you know you can eat the top carrot wow.

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