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They are you sure about this. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone. My country needs me. Don't worry I'll still be able to send you money Johny. It isn't that Roy. I've already lost your father. I can't lose you to mother. I will see you again and joining the Marines meant Roy was risking his life but luckily his company. The hundred and eighth in the Eighth Regiment of the Marine Corps was not deployed to Europe instead in October of nineteen. Seventeen Roy in his fellow soldiers were sent to Galveston Texas on a transport ship the U. S. S. Hancock though Roy and his fellow Marines never saw combat their mission was crucial. They were called to patrol the Gulf of Mexico Sokoto and keep a watchful eye over oilfields in Tampico Mexico the US army relied on that oil so Galveston was a key. Strategic Strategic outpost. Roy's unit stayed there for almost two years until the war ended on April Twenty Fifth Nineteen nineteen while he didn't fight overseas. Roy Still spent two years undergoing rigorous training and drilling. He came to be known as rugged and disciplined a reputation that followed him home home to bend in Nineteen nineteen. Roy resumed his work as a logger. At Brooks scanlon. By then his mother Sarah lived with her mother Mary in Bend. Incidentally their neighbor was Guilford. Nichols Edward Nichols brother. On the Wilson and Nichols families continued to be entwined. It's likely that it was this closeness that inspired Edward Asks Roy to join him in the fall and winter of nineteen twenty-three trapping for in a remote cabin. I don't know you haven't exactly had the best luck up there. Roy Wilson are you telling me A. US Marine is afraid of a little snow. No but you know how my mother gets when I'm gone all right but think how happy she'll be when you come back with that firm money or better yet in elegant can mink stole. Didn't realize you're so fashion-minded ed I need a friend. Roy Someone I can trust. Kinsey is out there. And I want you. You want my flank. When he decides to come back fine you old scaredy cat outcome and I think I know a fellow who made a good third Roy? As far as I'm concerned you can invite the whole Damn Marine Corps. The final member of the trapping trio was one of Roy. Wilson's longtime logging colleagues. Do more us. Twenty five year old dewey lived lived in a boarding house in bend and was a foreman at the Brooks scanlon logging camp alongside his brother. Oh and Morris Roy Wilson had been friends with both Morris Brothers for five years thanks to their jobs as loggers at the Brooks scanlon mill in nineteen twenty-three. He invited twenty five year. Old Dewey to join him alongside longside Edward Nichols at the cabin in Lava Lake. Do we may have had good reason to warrant to spend a long winter away from home only months before this invitation invitation. He was accused of sexual assault in November of nineteen twenty two twenty four year old. Dewey took a young widow twenty-seven-year-old Mary ped- knelt on a date afterward. He allegedly assaulted her in his car. Word of the assault spread red and inspired an outpouring of local gossip and rival jokes. It seemed like been supported. Dewey instead of Mary even his bosses at Brooks scanlon. Women stood behind him. It took months for Mary's case against Dewey to be taken to court but a trial finally commenced on April eleventh nineteen twenty-three the three in court the prosecution only took fifteen minutes to deliver evidence to the jury and failed question. Do we understand instead. Five character witnesses spoke on behalf of Dewey's innocence and the verdict was not guilty journalist. Paul Haas Moore wrote in his deschutes. Pine Echoes. The paper the camps work greatly interested in the Dewi Morris case in circuit court last week as dewey is an old hand around all the camps and well-known dewey was arrested and charged with a statutory crime. But when the case finally reached a jury it it only took them seven minutes to bring verdict of not guilty with his verdict. Dewi Morris was on paper an innocent man. He was surely thrilled thrilled with the ruling. But it's likely that the gossip still bothered him. A winter away from the local rumor mill may have been exactly. What do we needed? He accepted and in Roy's invitation and the team was complete. They made for an unlikely trio a man afraid of a criminal. A man recently accused of being criminal and a US Marine Roy Wilson's brother-in-law Hervey de ns. Took Roy and Louis the twenty five miles southwest to the cabin in October of nineteen twenty. Three it was just off the northwest shore of Little Lava Lake giving its residents that charming view of the water. A Half Mile Trek would lead you to big lava lake walking trails were plentiful and phone. Service could be found at forest ranger station scattered throughout the region so it wasn't completely isolated. Still getting around would become much trickier in four foot deep winter. Winter Snow despite the emotional baggage each man brought with him there. October mood was light. There's a photo of fifty three year. World Edward Nichols thirty five year. Old Roy Wilson and twenty four year old Dewi Morris from that first day likely taken by Hervey. Ns after he drove early and Dewey. They're in it. Do we stands on the left Taller and Berl earlier than the other men. Roy stands beside him posing rather confidently efficiently as he pulls a sled full of supplies. The strong man of the group on the other side of the sled is Edward older than the other two with an easy smile smile on his face behind them. The small log cabin is nestled between the trees a picturesque place where they would make themselves at home and back. Here are Ed Logan's Fox pens. These are five of the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen. They'll look even more beautiful on a pretty lady as a coat. Can you imagine the look on some gals face when you show a better door with a brand new Fox fur coat. Sure do we say maybe. If you'd given even Mary a coat like that she would have been more amenable to you on that date. Hey that was proven innocent. Boys don't start a Ruckus. We're about to being tight quarters for months. So here's the rules we take turns caring for logans. Fox's when we're not doing that we could set up a trap line in the woods and traps and furs on our own. Oh and when we're not doing that we can sip some moonshine. Have a few laughs and try not to kill each other before we go home in the spring. I'm going to need to visit mother at Christmas. That's fine. I figured we could snowshoe back to town around Christmas to sell some furs anyway. If we last until then you okay ed you no. He's not gonNA come back. WHO's not coming back? Don't worry about it do and we're safe here. I'll make sure of that. Thank thank you thank you. Both the mood was light on the day of Roy and Dewey's arrival but soon snow would cover the ground. The lava lakes would would freeze over and the stage would be set for one of Oregon's most infamous crimes coming up. The three men spend a tense winter at the cabin near the lava lakes and now back to the story By mid December of Nineteen twenty-three fifty-three-year-old Edward Nichols thirty five year. Old Roy Wilson and twenty four year old Dewi Morris had been holed up in a cabin Oregon's deschutes forest for almost two months. They were there to care for Edward. Logan's five silver foxes which meant being being present for regular food deliveries. They also had the gruesome task of skinning the animals for their valuable pelts once they were grown the men ran trap lines across the woods catching their own animals to produce Fox Martin and music for it was a tough job but they all got alone cooking together other and sharing meals despite the good times a spectre hung above this little cabin in the woods the threat of Charles Kim's return was a heavy burden for Edward Nichols Bear. How could I been such an idiot trusting Collins? His name wasn't even Collins Silence. You're being hard on yourself Ed. We've been through this. Yeah almost every night it's Kinda creeping me out and you don't understand end. I pride myself on being tough guy but that low life seafood me for months. And he's out there with my five hundred dollars. You got nothing to worry about it. There's three of us and only one of him right well. Almost Kinsey brings back up to..

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