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Mizo Jukka rose episode three oh three. The Senate Chuck swirling for diseases energy position throughout the base of the spine to the crown of the head worth thousands of. Keeps this ancient wisdom has been stop master to disciple what are the functions of these energy, sentiments and cook these chucked help you unlock your destiny and find your purpose. Welcome to my set of chocolates, and now, your host a giant Kumar. What's up action tribe, EJ here host, and founder of my seven as the show where we provide you ancient wisdom inspiring stories and action steps that will help you transform your life. So if you are new, do our shore, the nor that you are here for a particular reason. A divine purpose and make sure that you listen till the very end. And before we begin got quick announcement. If you are fascinated by the checkers, and you want to start working on your own energy, and start balancing, it, and you got to check out the free chocolate training video that I've put together, we're going to take a look at life through the lens and tissue four, quick and effective ways to balance your route checker for greater abundance alignment, and connection link, you need is my seven Chaka's dot com forward slash energy training. That's my seven Chaka's dot com forward slash energy chaining. All right. And with that. Let's bring on our special guest far today. Jennifer long Longmore. Jennifer, are you ready to inspire?.

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