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Me go ahead and train your social calendar. If you're in fairfax, George may some men open up tonight. If you're in college park and you want to see an amazing women's basketball matchup, Maryland takes on South Carolina. That is the team that's the defending champion and CWA women's basketball champion. It's also a team that has some size You know, we have to play to our advantages and hopefully get up and down the floor and we want to be able to run and be able to shoot the basketball. Threes are better than twos. And just play Marilyn basketball. So we're different a lot different than they are and just play to our strengths. Let me tell you something. Marilyn Williams basketball is a lot of fun and they score a lot. Golf is not a good walk spoiler for silver star medal recipient and retired United States Army captain Christopher Christopher cordova, instead it's an important escape from the trauma of war. Provides an incredible relief for a respite from everyday stressors that we go through, what we're being out on a golf course. And I know it sounds quite contradictory to many golfers who are lifelong golfers because golf is the incredibly frustrating sport and it brings out pretty rough emotions when you don't hit the ball well. But that's why they PJ hope program is so important to cordova. Growing the program and getting different golf clubs to have a PGA professional trained to or military culture and interact with veterans. So the veterans don't feel so isolated when they do these programs. You can find out more about this life-changing program for veterans and my story at WTO P dot com. Dave Johnson

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