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And if you have something to say i would suggest you call us for the numbers on on the screen and i don't bar as mckay and big cheer for drew garoppolo drew the rebel we'll be back in the big chair tomorrow and he will be very impressed by the actual chair of the time i could say that share makes the difference that just sitting in it but if i mean this is a magical how much they said that chair cost five hundred and sixty three dollars while so shut after engineers who replaced the chair that they didn't even know was broken they say we just bitched about it never really tolan i think we just talked about it bits about a to each other talked about on air but we never actually told anybody who mattered and we know that because we're assume the engineers are listening to us yet but they're listening hot who hasn't i know my airbone right now get really oh yeah i got the bruno mars abbott magic 94 naga okay can i tell you got something obscene we're talking about race thaddeus back when i was on another show and i'm not gonna say which one because i've been on multiple shells wasn't one that i was a host of it was the show show that i was a member of i used to have a a splitter and i would have the show coming in my headphones in one ear and i'd have my attitudes and another year because i was board really and i just yeah would listen to music art audio books what would you still would you still in iraq still in iraq i still in ragged anybody know nobody in okay nobody i did for years you don't wanna say what share what i want to say i mean you could narrow it down what else guys got it but that taxi on your brain to listen to so many different things if i didn't i wouldn't be have to respond if if i if i.

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