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Spend millions and millions of dollars on something and walk away with nothing to show for it. And he seems like a truly nice man we've had his wife on several times. I like her. I just am a big softie. An Erica heralds. Concession speech was awesome. Very nice. Didn't we know? I've never talked to her you you might have. And we had her in. Yeah. During Bruce, rounders speech. He mentioned how now is the time to to to truly come together and not to look at things as as a Republican or democrat, but took and that was very inspiring. And I I would love for that to happen. I don't know. I can't remember the last time that happened. I'd love for that to happen. I think Kwami Raul owes me a little something something because I kept saying I'm Kwami Raoul over that's what they said at the end of the night. They said your impression of him is what put it over your slogans. They want some salami vote for Kwami. You're not gonna lose with something like that. The who's Tommy right. I also wrote a song, you know, the Blondie song. Call me, I wrote a whole song Kwami like that. That was very popular with the kids wanted either. The nightclubs you have too much idle time. Yeah. I do. I do. Also, I want to congratulate a friend of the show for winning yesterday in Nevada Dennis Hof. I saw that. And I don't know how good a job. He's going to do not taking calls. He is not taking calls today. How does that happen? And how does that make the person running against him feel for people? Who are not sure quite what we're discussing Dennis Hof who has been a guest on the show for a brothel owner in Nevada. He was running for state assemblyman, and he won by a landslide like like, not even close and he died. He didn't. Bad for several months, but that didn't stop the people Nevada for voting for him, which is really to the Nevada in another stiff in public office. Good morning. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. You think much like the election of our current president? Where people said I'm fed up with the system. I gotta do something. I can't just keep voting in politicians. These people in Nevada said, we're not get anything done. Anyway, let's voted dead guy in and they did anyone by a lot. I would like to talk to one Vada in who knew he was dead and still voted. They all do. He was dead. Everyone of them. It was no secret. I've been told that it is a rule that once the ballot is printed up regardless of what happens to you be at a scandal. Be at death is in this case, it's still it has to happen. True. Steve maybe you can correct me. But wasn't someone taken off the ballot last year? And last election wasn't there? Some kind of little form that was passed out at all the voting places. I don't the polling places. I don't remember who it was. There was a mistake and they were on the ballot. Here's what it says. It goes down to the laws of Nevada State law Nevada haw for reality television, star a deceased let's make that clear deceased reality star touted as the state's most well-known pimp that looks good on a business card, by the way. Ran into an outspoken Republican for Nevada's assembly district thirty six before he died knocked Tober at the age of seventy two due to a state law Hof remained on the ballot and the state's leading GOP officials had urged voters to still cast their ballots for him in order to deprive Democrats have a chance to flip the seat. So that that's the politicians of Nevada Spain to people look we've got it that guy running for office. But isn't it better to put him in office than a living democrat? Really bad. So well, and then they went forward they went for it huge. He won by a landslide wasn't even close. But what if you're the politician running against him? And you lose to a guy that everybody knows his dad, but still voted for him. Don't you go maybe politics is at my call. That's what I said, I feel bad for the person. I don't understand how there could even happen. That's when you just say, I gotta find something else. People knew I'm alive in that guy's dead. And they voted for the dead guy over me. This is not this is not for me. All right. Let's do this. We'll take your yes. Story was sent to me in an Email from Ireland this morning, really. I should've read this headline ten times. I still don't understand it. So do people from other countries were they paying attention to the time? I would imagine. I bet. Yeah. All right. We've got a bunch of calls if you're on hold stay there. We'll get to your calls and your texts next were three one thousand nine hundred seventy two hundred we would love to get your takeaway from yesterday's elections. It's Bill and Wendy in WGN. Introducing.

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