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Consulting physician for cell tree and sell your nutrition. There's all stuff. I'm actually rather interested in which is preventing or delaying or improving the aging process. And that is what cell train is about. I we she and i have talked about the aesthetic issues that you know we all worry about and but that is all just a reflection of what's going on in our cells the cells that become senescent an age. And today we're gonna talk about energy. Right dr read while it's back there. You bet energy. We all need it right lot. I need more now. I know. I wish i use add more hours of get more. But as we get older energy levels to decline it's almost inevitable in you know sometimes attributed to things like busy schedule as. I'm sure you have busy schedule. Lack of sleep All those things Do compound but the the decrease in energy could also be related. What's happening inside ourselves. So there is an important molecule known as in a d. I think you before. Act at the literature on the attention to any the therapeutics round have been revolutionary in the last couple of years. So i'm glad that sell train has a product for this and by the way the product and by the way this product is one i just happen to like and take so in a sense for nicotinamide adamy dinu klay tied being word. People don't prompt care. But but that's that's what in eighty stands for and it actually found in all living cells the reason that it's important. He plays a critical role in stale energy production. And it's also important for healthy mitochondria function insane repair now. The thing is as we get older in a declines in it can climb by as much as fifty percent by the time we get tough worries so between in in our or isn't sixties in declined significantly and so we need in a d to allow for saying their energy to produce for four steigler energy production. We need the ad at optimal levels because when that is not available that may make us feel tired in ourselves in not producing optimal levels of energy. I think that sometimes We try to find quick fixes for energy right so eating those quick power naps drinking caffeine lot of drinking caffeine. Those are only giving us quick. Fixes there's no long term benefit in it has no impact on nav levels. And so that is why using segler nutrients such as nicotinamide riboside which is actually a b. Three derivative so special form of niacin can be helpful as a precursor for a d when supplemented it hopes to boost in eighty which helps to renew ourselves ability to transform the food that we eat into energy source that can use in fact. Studies have shown that nicotine rob aside can increase. Nav levels in as soon as two weeks after supplementing. Your in our as a game changer. And there's a ton of literature out there on that and it's really one of the only ways to get a d levels up early exactly exactly in you. Hit the nail on the head again. They're so nicotinamide. Rive aside as a unique form of niacin is not readily available from our diet. No meat maybe can get trace amounts from cow's milk which we have to consume any extensive amount of cosmic to a very small amount of in our in Really not at a level at the clinical trials have shown would be necessary to actually have an impact on conjugal function. Do supplement is when the better way to go. There's real good evidence at any d- it as you mentioned. It does decline over our time here on the planet as we age but it may be the key mediator in to lou. This is really game. Changers machine is definitely an excellent tool to have in your toolbox because you know our proper nutrition exercise known. That's the foundation of things in terms of age with grace but Having this extra tool. I think what will allow for us. Really do better in terms of how we age in really experienced aging process. Little bit easier. i think. Thank.

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