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Walking back. Alan dershowitz has left the building. Alan dershowitz is an amazing mind. Amazing thinker principled person. Lot to say about what we just talked about. First of all we are both astonished. Yeah that it's possible that that he's convinced that biden won fair and square. I mean i would think the most sober-minded person would have to at least say that it's not clear there's a lot of Reason to believe that the election was was messed with. The question is would it be. Would it affect the outcome. But the idea that he's just sort of mouthing. The party line is a little surprising. I guess for him but also he says i think biden's the right man for the job this time i think. Can you imagine these bringing peace or something. He's bringing calm to the nation that's biden first of all biden is at the at best incompetent at best Anyway that's another story but what he was just talking about in case. People aren't getting the references. He mentioned chilmark. I mentioned edgar town. He summers on martha's vineyard an island off the coast of massachusetts Nantucket is another one. Martha's vineyard of the two is is famous for being liberal Walter cronkite lived there and he mentioned lillian hellman. I mean lillian hellman. It doesn't get more liberal than lillian. Hellman the famous Writer and i went there in one thousand nine hundred eighty five. I guess it was. This is all in my book. This is for me to plug my book. Fish out of water in fish out of water. I talk about when. I'm talking about right now but basically When i was at yale my writing teacher was john hersi. John hersi is famous for. He got a pulitzer prize for his book. A bell for a donohoe written right after the war. He wrote hiroshima which was The kind of the new report. Taj about what happened in hiroshima hiroshima and It was published published as a small book About what happened after the bomb horrifying obviously but beautiful journalism and so he was one of those liberal artists who lived on. Martha's minute he was my professor. So i i went to visit him. I guess the year or so after. I graduated and he was the kind of person who have dinner with lillian hellman They would have dinner with ralph ellison another stalwarts of the artists The the left. And it's so interesting because i really do believe. Even though they were left lefties they believed in what alan dershowitz talking about. They believed in these principles. And i think that all of that has devolved to you know where we are today which is to say A kind of fascism a kind of big state ism the fundamental principles of america. They they have left the building so interesting to hear. Somebody like twits. Talk about being snubbed. at the country club people won't talk to his wife. He's on invited to these things because they think it's unconscionable that he would stand for these things in Contravention of what they believe has to be right. And that's where we are folks. And i say this because i think that those of us who are more on the conservative side we have a responsibility not to go down that path ourselves. In other words when cuomo was resigned. I was the first one To post my shod and freud on social media and to to say you know one down one to go and p- p- post a picture of him newsome so that's kind of the fun part but then you have to think. Are we applauding things that are wrong and just as islanders which was talking about people that believe the woman. What a filthy. why when. An anti biblical anti-american concept that forget about due process. We're going to believe these people because they're better. We're gonna believe blacks over whites we're gonna believe women are what an offensive racist sexist idea but again it comes down to power in other words if you believe in principles and are willing to let the principals adjudicate situations or you just say i want to win and i don't care how i win. I don't care if we have to use dirty politics. It's poetic justice if If cuomo goes to jail for this but not for sending people to their deaths who cares. It's poetic justice. I would say we should be careful about that. I think we have to care about what is actually right. And so that's why it's important to talk to to liberals like alan dershowitz or naomi wolf. Anyone we can so that we remind ourselves that it's not about winning it's about justice it's about fairness it's about freedom and these kinds of things don't love what he talked about. Buckley and himself debating then going out and having a beer because they both were in different sized but they both respected the law and rule and order. And just well. It's like you have a principled opponent to you know that you can actually get someplace and you're not hating each other. I i hate you. And i hate your ideas. It's like i wanna. I wanna talk to you about those ideas because i think they're wrong but you can have them. It's all right and actually I mentioned mike lindell. There is no question that there's a chilling affect a lot of people. I know have been sued by dominion and the fact is that it's my idea right. I'm pretty sure this is the whole thing behind. It is that they have a lot of money and they're spending their money to quiet. People silence people to send out a chilling effect. Like the careful. Don't talk about this. don't talk about that. So you have fox news refusing to air. Mike lindell's commercial for the cyber symposium. Because they you know they've got a different corporate culture. They're not in it for what they believe in. They're in it for the corporate culture so they become part of the problem. And i just think it's important for us to talk about that on this program. I just wanted to take a minute here since we had the time. We didn't normally do this but it just really really It is important We on this program as you all know have been attacked. We've been knocked off of youtube. That's a big deal. I'll keep saying it because it is a big deal that they did that What did we do. What did we say on this program. it's obvious that we didn't do anything or say anything that innumerable people haven't done and they were not off youtube so it's become very political Okay before we go. I want to remind you We have a campaign on with food for the poor one of the project managers managers. Marcus frisch when we come back. 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