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Bad. I don't know if that was the button I meant to push, but it was a fun little soundbite. You're bringing the noise today, baby, let's go. All right. So we've got the ultra flex DFS head start Ryan. Who do you got? Holy crap. I wasn't expecting to go first. DFS last week, first of all, I want to say, I'm sorry. I let everybody down, including myself. I said, we should start Curtis Samuel. And then he went out and had four carries for 13 yards, no targets. I say, how many targets did he get? None. He played like 60% of the offensive snaps had no targets, four carries for 13 yards. So I am sorry. I don't know what happened. This week. We're turning it around. We're going with Damien pierce. FanDuel running back 23, it costs 6500 Cleveland ranks 30th against RBs, their 23rd in rushing yards allowed and 30th in points allowed per game. Pierce has to be more involved in this game if they want a chance to win and this is the NFL. So I know fans talk about teams tanking and all that stuff. But we have to remember these players don't want a tank because they have to put out they have to showcase themselves for future teams. There are players. You're playing for jobs. Yeah, the coaches don't want a tank. Because they're not going to be around anymore if you lose. So this is a team that doesn't want to lose. So if you want to win, Damien Pearson needs to carry this offense. He could be very low ownership coming up just because he's had what? Three and four points in the last couple of weeks. So people are going to be hesitant to play him. So it could be a good opportunity to jump on that with the low salary. He was cheaper than like Jim Michael hasty. Yeah, he's dropping down in money here. The pure situation, like you said, I think that's why I bills fans are so crazy because when they were in the drought, that's when I'll stop loving you as a fan and as a player when you're going out there and not trying no matter the situation. Oh yeah. Yeah, you don't know, man, the way the toxins have played the past couple of weeks. They look uninspired. They're like one 9 in one or something as a record. Pretty bad. I don't know. E doesn't matter. A lot more than that. lot of pieces. So it might not even be best for them to go quarterback this year. Rob, who you

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