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Are dad son is big into construction workers. So even at four five years old. He knows what excavator is. So no matter what the child is into. Maybe you find a book that relates to that. He adds if you're looking for something fun to do over the break. There's always the library. Hadas Kuznits, KYW NewsRadio. Japan says it is ready to resume commercial whale hunts. Japan says whale populations have recovered enough to begin a new round of commercial whaling, but it's Hans will be limited to its own territorial. And. Economic waters. So the whalers won't venture into the waters around. And Arctic Tokyo is however leaving the International Whaling Commission and defying a moratorium imposed back in the eighties. Japan had switched. In the meantime, to what it called research whaling, which was criticised as a cover for commercial hunting since the meat was still sold on the Japanese market. I'm Jan Johnson at ten forty nine. KYW NewsRadio is looking back at the stories that made headlines in two thousand eighteen twenty eight midterm elections were atypical in so many ways I because of strong voter enthusiasm second because of the results. Midterm elections in this country, don't generally stir up the passions. But twenty eighteen was different unvetted illegal aliens trying to flood into our country. President Trump said the election was about him and many voters. Agreed. I'm voting to get more people in there who will promote the legislation that he's endorsing the Republicans are an embarrassment and they've been very Mead. The battles played out from Texas where Ted Cruz held off his challenger. What's tire taxes? I am honored to have been.

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