Arkansas, New Jersey, Rob Marciano discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir - Full Episode: Saturday, June 24, 2017


I was pinned down in the dining room we fully got up held the baby and escaped he explains tonight with at least fifteen dead rescuers are still hoping for more stories like his uncovering crumbled pieces of some of the more than forty homes that were obliterated a hotel is also buried beneath the rubble but officials say it's still unclear whether any taurus are among the missing tom marsa goods odds with a search and rescue efforts marcy thank you know the dangerous weather back here at home to stormrelated deaths reported in arkansas and take a look at this a tornado rolling right towards the home depot in new jersey among the doors wide open shoppers turkey for cover plus drenching rain south of pittsburgh the flash flooding damaged trees and buildings all related tropical depression cindy every senior meteorologist rob marciano has more extreme weather today spinning up this tornado in central new jersey witnesses at this home depot running inside for cover powerful winds flinging the doors wide open torrential rains thrashing the window lightning strikes with sheets of rain drenching argun not the same line of storms down in trees and toppling power lines across the garden state west of pittsburgh flash flooding damaging homes and washing out roadways eras total rain you couldn't see anything in springfield missouri powerful winds tearing off the roof of a car wash catapulting it into this house and north of boston wins toppling a tree right through a house crushing its front porch torrential rain washing out roads in central michigan and a massive lightning bolt obliterating this house in harrison it's remains scorched and covered in black ash.

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