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Use the promo code new nurse at checkout for twenty five percent off anything in this store. Do you think that's what people are trying to do right now. What do you mean. Oh get her on an interview. -absolutely i mean on the right but yeah no no no no no. I think everybody wants this interview. No matter what the problem nikki montage not a problem. Shit actually she has so much power. I mean four real power that she does not need to go on any media outlet and discuss any of this bullshit. And i wouldn't risk it if i were her she was doing this thing. Giorgio remember it was on apple radio She had her own channel called the pink. Little interview thing that she was doing for yes and every time she dropped one it fucking skyrocketed beyond any podcast. Anything you've ever seen and like everyone was talking about it and she got on there. She talked about real shit like this and it was fucking rat and like but they didn't tell you when it was dropping dropped boom number one and everybody was like. Oh my god. I gotta listen to this. All started with the bernie sanders stuff. Got her in like the political ecosphere than she was the voice of the people and kind of like the bridge a youth and i think now they can't really control her and she says whatever she wants and correct and i do remember a time when like before we kind of realized they con- you was also crazy but remember. He was kind of doing this with a little bit before the trump thing but he was kind of going on. Tmz going on these things and speaking this way in that like. I'm not you know. I'm not going to be the you know the same saying the same thing that everyone is saying about the black community or that white people say about the black community like i'm actually right snuffing wages just being like look. It doesn't matter about that. Like what do you actually believe. So it feels a little bit like that and then it culminated in him. Going to the white house wearing mega hats stuff like that but it started with him. Just trying to say something. That was a little bit. Maybe different than what his community wanted him to say. And people just freak the fuck out on him. And i think that's when he was like all right. Then fuck you guys. I'm going to go to the white house. i wanna like hang out with trump. i'm gonna write whereas in the same way with her saying this. It's almost like if you jump on me enough. If you talk shit to me enough about to you know i'm about to go rally with trump. What the fuck and it feels reminiscent of that. If she's token aside trump. I mean i forget. I'll give you two photos. That would make her twenty million dollars and forty eight hours. Only fans nicki minaj one picture. I picture cousins. Friends testicles right. Sure i wanna see those on a on a on a a french baguette. Like freshly cut open like right out of the oven words warm because you gotta keep those balls hot gotta keep them warm so they keep a nice shape to him right and i- saginaw is hanging that sack so let's do that. Let's get the best. Who's the guy from france. Who's the best chef over there. You watch shit. That guy from france the chef. Who's the best. One was bored as best friend. Eric repair repair. Don't think he's the best but that's a name that greats that's a name that will resonate. Let's get him in the kitchen. Right things slings on and then he brings this fucking hot loaf right out of the oven and then you fucking plump those balls dude right down on the bag yet. They keep their shape. Skin looks beautiful and a black skin on nut sack to really reads well on camera. It does as reason my white people up for all those goddamn weightlifting events and all that shit trying to more more put. More definition their show some veins testicles in a nice sack has a lot of things in it. So let's do that. Keep it warm. Gotta keep that warm. That's picture picture to nicki minaj. No thong asking the just working and you can go ahead and what's the fucking boomerang that just boomerang it for three seconds. No let them see the ass dude. Twenty million dollars in two days forty eight hours. What do you think jesse. Yeah definitely has to feels like an nfl happen right. it's us. We got some breaking news here. You know we've been all over this jeopardy story do covenant cover jamming you fox. You've fucked. I told you that homeboy would be out of their rights was named richard dick. What what was he scripture. Mike tammy kings dick in that. Then you can't use. Dick is the last name for richards. Otherwise mike mike dix right so mike dix out of there right the executive producer that's was on the search for the jeopardy host who he served on high found him so everybody in the middle hired himself to do. It's a great even though everybody wanted lavar burton. No i'm going to hire myself. They had to dig dig to find him talking about bubis on a podcast from like two thousand thirteen and there were like well. We can have our jeopardy talking about bubis on a show. Now get him out of there. Mckean blackhawk my pronouncing that read ma. That's okay. I didn't know if it was my team. I'm always yeah. Yeah when there's a c. h. Like that i'm like man. Is that mckean. My what's her fucking name. What was her show blossom bossom we talked about hebrews or it's fucking bossom dude blossoms get our dark past so she was splitting duties with homeboy. And then all of a sudden on the shows like wait a minute. We're gonna fire this guy for saying that we're bubis right. Homegirl was talking about what not getting. Vaccinations motherfucking weird shit. Keeps yourself covered every day. Same thing nikki. Manashe said yes right and you said something about she said something about like children who need c sections who come out of c sections or like something else are like evolutionary..

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