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I think that's how most of their customers have encountered it and how they're deploying it why they're deploying in center. So I think that. Speaks to that a little bit. When it's ten obviously didn't really move the needle as eight hundred million number again. They also said that office three sixty five commercials growth, which is twenty seven percent was due largely to the strong performance of Microsoft, three sixty five in education. I thought that was really specific. So I think we gotta come a little Microsoft three sixty five tidbits in there that were interesting. And then on a slightly more humorous note. Did you notice that the word Japan came up three four times? Yes. So it really kind of stuck in my brain. So they said that results in Japan were much stronger than we anticipated Japan was responsible for team percent increase in productivity and business processes revenues for office three sixty five consumer growth and for much of surface revenues growth as well. I mean, somehow it's like it's the nineteen eighties all over again. Like, the the Japan is just like was all over there. It wasn't in their documentation for the quarter. I don't believe, but it was all over. That's right. That's right. I thought that was really strange. It was it. An and I I was having a call at them about something, and they mentioned Japan. Also, I'm like, wow, Japan. Japan's getting left him, right. I thought that was kind of interesting. What about XBox XBox is never been a good performer in Japan, right? A rough market, and it's always been tough. I mean, they when they first entered the market. Of course, they I console was tank, and it was his gigantic box. And a lot of Japanese people live in smaller apartments, smaller homes, and it just didn't really fit in. The course. Yes. And. These company in the game. And maybe they don't right. So Japanese companies in the culturally thanking they don't have a handle on the Japanese game market like the companies that are based in Santa Lucia. No. Of course, it's kind of like the problem. Apple phases in China. These days are Samsung does too right. I mean when you have China Chinese based smartphone makers who can really target that market with very specific things that Chinese people want. It's hard for these other companies that don't have that to compete effectively. So that's kind of been a problem all three generations for Microsoft. The remember the the original XBox ship with gigantic controller as well. And they because of the Japanese market they redesigned it in something called the S controller that was so popular it became the default controller for the XBox three sixty and has formed the basis for all of the XBox controllers ever since. So that's stupid big goofy. I forget the name of anti kind of a funny name, whatever that thing was called the original. Is you know, has kind of gone by the wayside because of well because they were trying to, you know, get into the Japanese market. What was the name of that thing? Someone in the chat rumbled out the original XBox controller OJ controller it had a funny name. I can't remember not the we the no it was like it was really it was almost round looking at it. Head like low. It was big. And there was a funny who it was like a big the Duke thinking, the Duke, according to Alex couple who is correct. The pride of the twit army. Colonel gumbel. You've got near Gumbel in my podcast that Carson often say the Duke. Yeah. Late again cars. Half an hour. Show up and say, I know just like Thrum thrown as suspenders give you the answer. Good. I'm glad you all the. Yeah. Absolutely. Right. The duke. Okay. We really wasting time on that. No. We spent time wisely on the time wisely. The Duke anything else to say about very innings. Well, you mentioned the one trillion dollar thing that kind of came. Yeah. But good for them. They deserve it. I I pointed this out when I saw it. You know, when Microsoft announced his earnings, they release a bunch of documentation to their investor website. There's the press release, obviously, there's a spray..

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