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Hyde interest mister v who's this who is this mark knight and mr v we get a high from the music where we going thing brendan brenda brenda would you ever go to one of these festivals or have you graduated from something like that are no i'd go to a festival we hung out a festival we'll said what in the dusty dirt there austin here fun fun fun fest is a fun festival to it was yeah i think it's still around i think they moved it to a different dusty area i like festivals if i you know there's certain i still like to take drugs a little bit so it doesn't why would you stop because you have a kid no no that's i mean i you know are we supposed to stop doing drugs at some point i think it depends like don't do coke all the time right probably a good but like a little md at a festival you know three times a year that's fine what about we'd every day i mean i think you can if you want i don't like weed in me just stopped getting along at a certain point what happens to you tell me because they're right i i am am too too paranoid lake it's three out of five times yeah it's not fun right and then he just started stressing out about your life dressed out reexamining conversations i had or thinking like oh this isn't real this is all my brain and i'm going to hell or you know.

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