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Yeah i mean obviously when we're seeing secondary's breakup lesion boom no more you start to realize how special this ram secondary looks in terms of production and on paper obviously you you couple that with what they have up front and aaron donald especially nasa combo factor you need a lot of times it doesn't get advertises such that you need defense alana goals with those cornerbacks can stuff that i gotta get fresher so the quarterbacks got to get rid of the ball but i gotta have coverage giving pressure has time to get there is there any one more important the other they both got to be there i mean usually it's almost in direct correlation think about it going back to yesteryear when you see a dion sanders who do you have charles haley and you go to now and you look at a von miller and you look back there is a key to liam and you look at chris hairs junior so it really does because you give those guys that opportunity where maybe they got beat on that player or so maybe they're yard behind but you've got the sack and then you flip it around they're making that guy hold the ball extra second and you'll get the sack so either way it goes man you work at ten you played for weight phillips played in this defense more or less do not need linebackers because the because the rams are clearly focusing up front you got aaron donald you're going to get dominic easily he's gonna come back next year hopefully he's ready to go you got michael brocker they let robert quinn going to trade and they've completely redone the secondary put a great deal of emphasis there alec ogle tree is gone mark baron we'll see what happens there but it doesn't seem like there's much emphasis on linebackers here is it just is that if we got three layers of defense we've got our front guys we've got our backers and we've got our secondary is that middle position the linebacker position the least important and that defense i would say yes because of the heart salary cap and you.

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