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And I'm susannah Palmer in the Bloomberg newsroom after two police officers were shot in New York City Friday One of them fatally a former cop turned mayor is asking Washington for help mayor Eric Adams says the federal government has to do more to get guns off streets at the same time he says the city is stepping up its own efforts We are going to roll out a smart way of police and putting in place again a modified version of a plain clothes anti gun unit Their Adams makes the point that there are no gun makers in New York City yet there are so many guns Goldman Sachs Group economists said they see a risk of the Federal Reserve will tighten monetary policy at every policy meeting beginning in March It's a more aggressive outlook than Goldman Sachs had taken before Economists said in a weekend report to clients that they currently expect interest rate hikes in March June September and December They also expect the Central Bank to announce the start of a reduction in its balance sheet in July or even earlier Federal Reserve officials hold their first monetary policy meeting of the year on Tuesday and Wednesday Protecting hamsters is turning into the latest form of protest in Hong Kong after the government announced a plan to call thousands of the pets and other small mammals to stamp out COVID-19 cases More from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet Last week the Hong Kong government advised members of the public to surrender hamsters bought on or after December 22nd for humane dispatch after some pet store workers and customers tested positive for the virus and hamsters imported from the Netherlands at the store tested preliminary positive In response pet owners formed rescue networks with people coming together on social media networks Charlie pellet Bloomberg radio Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries I'm susannah Palmer This is Bloomberg This is balance of power with David Weston What do you think about infrastructure in our country We really haven't seen a major investment in Rosen bridges from the federal government We do have to make a statement that China that they're not being citizens on the world stage Where the world of politics meets the world of business With COVID with the extra demands that people leaving the profession there was a nursing shortage business leaders They're all concerned about what worked from home is doing to the cultures of their companies With David Weston on Bloomberg radio Coming up this hour the havoc that oma cron has reached on our schools with former secretary of education Margaret spellings Plus fighting misinformation.

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