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A bill to do away with no excuse. Absentee voting clears its first hurdle in the state Senate Senator Jeff Mullis is bill with Lim, who could get an absentee ballot to those 75 or older, those with a physical disability or out of town. We're just trying to put it back to the way it was to make sure that little confidence is re established in my area and hopefully in many parts of Georgia Democratic Senator Sally Harold says the pandemic highlighted the need that anyone should be able to vote absentee. How do you know that? We will not need this again? In November from the state Capitol Center. Peroration 95.5, WSB County commissioners debate decriminalizing possession of small amounts of pot Commissioner Kirkland Carden proposes giving the officers the option of issuing a citation. Instead of arrest. A county ordinance cannot supersede state law. Georgia is one of 19 states that does not de criminalize marijuana. About 40,000 Georgians a year are busted for pot possession. More people may be hospitalized with serious food allergies, but fewer are dying. Researchers in the U. K found deaths from allergic reactions dropped by more than half over the past 20 years. The study also found cow's milk is the single most common cause of fatal allergic reaction. Port release, Preston says the lead researcher believes there is greater awareness of peanut and tree nut allergies. But many people assume a milk allergy is not a serious because most kids outgrow it. Braves pitchers and catchers hold their first practice. Today is spring training gets underway. Expectations air clear for a club that was one win away from the pennant. Think everybody on the roster believes it were people winning the World Series G. M. Alex Anthopoulos wasn't shy about fixing holes in the rotation, adding Veterans Charlie Morning drew smiling. Add to guys like that. It's I think it's gonna be great Manager Brian Sticker now has it least six starters to pick from but has to find a closer to replace Marc Milan to get both sides out confidence and you guys that we have Down there. There are still free Agents available. First full squad workout It's Tuesday gave like 95.5 WSB, the Hawks beat. The Celtics won 22 to 1 14 in Boston behind 40 points from Trey Young. He says he wasn't shy about taking his shots the whole game. Playing aggressive, Yeah, they aggressive mentality when snaps a four game losing streak. It is the top performer brought to you by reliable heating and air. Serena Williams ousted in straight.

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