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Okay well schultz in the darkness at one point because neural is this guy who can put people like shadow dimension or something. He takes her for a while and has her locked up in a shout dimension. Like you've had to go saver or something. Yeah and then niro's i can also take people out of the shadow dimension as well as put a minute. I'm like all right. But i've really understand what this means right now again. You can play the game without pay. Attention story. Asked mike yeah totally. Yeah i mean you still has fun moments. I mean the i. I had no problem the game play. I mean i did get annoyed mission. We're like okay destroy gargoyles. I'm like i don't want him. I was ran through. the door. kept going or destroy fifteen helicopters. I didn't and you know but it it. It does lots of that. Also they're they're like side missions basically like adam said before you do these things that give you extra experience at the end of the mission. They're not required. There's also which. I didn't play this. But there's also extra mission that were originally in the japanese version of multiplayer missions where they took him out and they just put them in the single player game as an extra thing you can do. You can run through little mission with no story and just shoot things. I didn't do it. I didn't even know they were there. Until i was reading stuff online but there i saw them when i went into the to'real and i was like i'm not gonna come to these. I don't think they matter who knows. Maybe have summed up the whole game. Maybe that would have been one little piece that we needed and what i understood. There's absolutely no story. Yeah so kind of like the whole game once again their story. It's their toys. Their loss just doesn't make sense if you are paying if you are paying attention or if you don't know seven it's just hard we should talk about the ending link. We're kind of nearing most the stuff in the game that we need that we should say so..

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