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Yeah, it was probably only An eighth of an inch thick, Steve, You know what my dear Steve, you made my day for calling in because I have to hang out with these two every Sunday and there's so much younger than me. I was going to ask Steve his age, but we just we just hung up with Steve. If you want to call back and let me know your age because he sounded like a young boy I know And that's why I'm kind of curious. So I'm so glad that he called and that there is someone out there who remembers the marathon bar. Alright, the other question. We want to ask you and I posted this on my Mindy Dreyer personality page on Facebook. And I wanted to know your favorite scary movie of all time. Well, as soon as I posted this, it basically exploded, and one of the first comments was the Changeling and Patty. I'm so glad that you posted that because I always talk about the changeling and like the Kayla and like Emily. They probably never heard of it because it's an older movie. I have heard of it. I'm not really her until you truly have heard of the Changeling remembers this one scene where they brought this ball out to the river out to this lake. It was something to do with being haunted, and they threw it away. And as soon as the guy drove all this way back to his mansion, don't you know that ball the same ball that he threw into the water bounced stare to stare to stay down from the top. To the bottom of the base of the floor, and I I just I love the changeling. But there's Most. He just called back. See, Steve and I are about the same age 54. There's something to do with the fifties and this marathon candy bar. All right, so a lot of people commented on their favorite scary movie and someone put Jaws. And the reason why they said Jaws is it changed a whole generation of people who were then scared of going into the ocean? I think that count. There's some truth to that. Because I remember watching that. And maybe you listening. Do you remember watching Jaws for the first time? And then you had that beach vacation? And you would maybe dip your toe into the water. I think the part that gets me in that movie is that body that pops up in the water. Oh, yeah, that's one of the scariest parts to me. But it's the anticipation and that darn music when you know he's coming like that, the thing that gets me in and someone's about to get attacked like that's what gets me in a movie, but not just that movie. Don't you think the music in any of these scary movies? That's what gets you. If you took music away from the scary movies, they wouldn't be nearly as frightening. I think they would. No way you add that music and it just has you on edge. But I would love for you guys to go to many directors, personality, Facebook, Facebook page and see someone said the 1986 movie. The Hitcher. I found this movie really suspenseful. There's so many of the birds were on here. Graham is like Rosemary's baby. Remember Rosemary's baby Do? Yeah. So I looked up on different websites to come up with The most popular, scary movies of all time, and some of them were listed as and you guys, This is not gonna be of any surprise to you. Halloween Friday. The 13th psycho conjuring. Have you heard of conjuring know my son talks about conjuring all the time, Cheryl, I'm going to take a break and go to you. What do you want to talk about on this Halloween Eve ish show? It's Franklin Gela Dracula with Frank Jet Li Angela as Dracula. It's the best Dracula ever. When was it made Cheryl back in the seventies are 80 early eighties. Yeah, but it's Dracula starring Franklin Gela was in the theaters and just wonderful. What makes it so good? I've not seen that one. So what makes it compared to the others? Um, seeing him as Dracula. You could see why the women were so charmed by him, and it was Just almost like dark shadows. But the but the movie version and you know just how handsome frankly, Angela Wass and Ah And just his charisma and how the girls were like, you know, spellbound by him. Kun's new The operator. Dracula. Oh, yeah, Sexy it out just really, really hot, hot dress. You know what Cheryl? There's something to be said about Dracula being a little bit on the hot side. I can see that. Yeah, little very alluring. And, yeah, I mean, having a bite the next who doesn't want their Necdet and frankly, Angela's eyes. I mean, so, Yeah, I know That was my I remember my girlfriend's We all went to the theaters to see it. And we were all like, Oh, my gosh. So, Yeah, we were all like stuck on frankly, Angela, Hold on. I don't want you to go anywhere because I want you to hear this. Okay? The other movies that were on the list of being the most favorite are popular, scary movies of all time. Where'd I leave off the conjuring Texas Chainsaw massacre? Saw silence of the lamb and then the overall number one and this was according to these different websites, and also on my individual mini Dreyer personality. Facebook page. There was one movie that was mentioned more than any other movie. Listen to a scene from it right now..

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