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Two one hello hello this is make the day should where we talk about news we talk about politics and where we scream at tax legislation i'm your host nikki far here to say that when i see a private jet i always say to myself i hope you're owner is getting a tax deduction for you i mean i don't know what it is about private jets they're like puppies you know they're just always get me today we're going to talk about always lie topic of israel will look at what moeller is up to and the hashtag me to campaign is the hashtag person of the year m day i'm very excited by our panel there are both really lovely friends of the show turner's to the show first up we have comedian and host of the podcast maeve in america she has just delivered over booth boothroyd's a large look yes that is going to be coming out in august of 2018 yoga loved one of my favorites maybe hey guarantee thanks for having me bashar who bogeyed of rates those who give me another side god the number of chances we have to give to you you guys and the other person sitting here is like one of my first comedy friends from a million and a half years ago when we were we she has a really wonderful special on i tunes called american content although the contest answered so when you look it up look for her name but it is hilarious so i tuned she has a special calling out on adults swim called the jennifer friedman show she is one of my total favored you guys it's jennifer pin.

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