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Animals so much that you go to cody and you could you please just like possibly not come into my yard asking. I would love to do a sanctuary. Perhaps but you need to stay there. It's just I think I was thinking about building outside the gate like over my wall where we dropped the Christmas tree with a Christmas tree lives. which by the way we this is another are they disposed of the Christmas tree over the wall? And it's just become a nest for diabetes. It's basically a coyote house. Now I did do that. I am sorry we need to get this this giant Christmas tree that a bunch of like Bob cats now living right next to my home. It's okay so that's that that David Spade is the guest. I loved it. It's so weird. The Dave and I are good friends like we truly. I worry that we were such are such good friends that I I didn't occurred like ask him questions that maybe someone that didn't know him. What ask anything? Yeah but I think people people loved it. They know a lot of Spain. He's so funny but I want people to know he did not have time for this like because people listening to this show wanted him as a guest so bad. I like badgered him and badgered him into coming. He came on a Saturday. I just gave the interviews and you guys were really you think so. He's so funny. He's so charismatic. And also so he'll just slip a little joking that you don't even realize happen. A minute later Commute Shady you get your minimum fund. That's the best he can make fun of the whole time and you don't even notice dude. He's just like slick. I also was being codependent. It because he's got a really bad neck injury so member in the interview. WHO's Oh yeah? He was getting up and moving around and trying to readjust himself. It's just hard to sit in these chairs for a long time so I also kind of like trying to rush through and slow is smooth smooth is fast and I was rushing slowing smooth through this fast but David Spade is David Spade. If it's made is David Hanner. Yeah APP enjoy David Spade love. You want the podcast please. Rate and subscribe. Oh my God I would never say that you mean on Youtube channel anywhere. Are you find this podcast. You better like it like it subscribe. I just share it with your mom consumer shame it is Get.

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