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Call him cream answer so that was his name and then he changed it whatever but there were two liberal people that that we were playing with friends we could make jokes and so my buddy decides to put on there bullying for everybody trump two thousand twenty and then i'm like well then why don't we make the other guy ivanka right or is it is it yvonna i always mix of yvonne yvonne yvonne a trump two thousand twenty four now they didn't know we did this they don't change the name because they look up look at their score and so people walking by could see that those players work for trump and yvonne now i i'd love that's why but oh my gosh because they were liberal they'll like no change a i changing i need you know having fun that's what i would want okay i mean i understand some people take politics too seriously where they will hate you or they'll pray for you to get into a car accident on the way to work i don't want a world like that i want a world where we could sit there and have fun and and you know and make i guess make jokes and some of you may go you know you're right that's probably the best way to deal with politics where we have fun we're all americans that's really what we are at the end of the day but see here's the thing that same sort of yeah let's kind of razz each other and have fun with it is the same thing i had growing up with with my jewish italian mormon catholic friends and we would razz each other with our ethnicity and you can't do that anymore right so like for example we'll go to the movies and would be trying to figure out how to split the you know if we had a twenty figured out well have you figured out she's the now we can't do that anymore that's not i was honored by that you know even though i knew calculus really calculate you know movie tickets with with my twenty dollar bill i couldn't have done that but this you know what i wanna do today at work with you know politics you know we could make a comment about obamacare and make a comment about trump we all giggle and whatever now now ed's we're we're going to stay quiet everybody's staying quiet because you just you don't wanna insult anybody and i get that but what that does is brewed a very secret quiet underground feeling that you have to have when it comes to you know who you are and where you stand in you know and i just i don't know what the answer is either we opened up and we you know we we embrace who we are you know we embrace who other people are or we stay for cells and feel isolated and discriminated against i don't know i don't know what the answer is one eight seven seven.

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