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And sort of do Tours and reviews of the facilities and such those are always interesting Oh here's one that we just recently added olds of the price is right episodes. of this is this particular ones on youtube channel vintage television. It's from january. Twenty fifth nineteen eighty five. Now the reason these are cool at least all the ones we've watched so far is it's not just the episode of the price is right. It's also the commercials from matt time Which is a real fascinating. Look back Palo from tokyo. Let's another guy sort of living tokyo. He does dan life Things quite often think that's a lot of them some good examples what i'll do Yeah beard me through. This is just a guy who does a eating contests Okay so what. I'll do is all as i remember which were almost on so i should be able to I will leave this list. This playlist right. Now it's got eight hundred seventy two videos on it. It's called ams. That's a hint at the mississippi. Name there i guess Already watched ongoing chill axon playlist and So you know if you wanna check out an eight hundred seventy two video playlist of just weirdos relaxing things. Funny things off things entertaining. A just weirdness. You know you can do so by clicking on this and What i do is i have to playlist. I'm only going to post already watched one. I have one that we are watching. And then i'll move things off of that as we watched them to this one just so we don't have to scroll through a million things every time because i like to keep it. Clean cleveland keep. It organized folks. You know what. I'm saying Speaking of saying things that you know. I'm going to sure that's a segue. Why not it's nice to be nice to the nice. This.

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