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We're talking about being proactive, and we're talking about a type of arthritis. That's actually caused by a certain types of bacteria like salmonella campy, low bacteria, shigella, E, coli and vibrio. So you know, it's not just about getting the food poisoning. And then it's all gone salmonella has been the most frequently studied bacterium associated with reactive arthritis. Overall. Studies have found rates of Salma Manala associated with reactive arthritis vary between six and thirty percent the frequency of post infectious syndrome, specifically, however has not been well described in Washington state study of an outbreak of foodborne salmonella gastroenteritis twenty nine percent of patients developed arthritis. But only three percent developed the triad of symptoms associated with the syndrome. So remember, you know, the frequency of acute reactive arthritis from other bacteria varies widely. So we're actually we're talking about food poisoning today. We're gonna be talking about that in the near future. We're talking about the facts after not just the acute effects that that diarrhea and everything else that's associated with the cramping associated with with food poisoning. And we're going to take a call from Betty and north Kingstown. Hey, Betty, welcome to harmony with food. What's up? What is.

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