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Then maybe try printing a photo I would try different APPS to print from a like I said and view on the windows side on the Mac preview should do it. you know open it up in the apple preview APP print from there. You got me. Keep listening if somebody comes up with something, we'll let you know. There's our puzzle of the week I have no idea. What is going on? With that printing problem and we off the air I went through a bunch of stuff I never heard of such a thing windows won't print the screen shot apple, but it looks terrible. It's got to be something about the screen shot from video, but I don't I don't understand why that would make a difference. If. It's just a Standard Pinger J. Peg. It should just Brent. Chat Room is also baffled. We've got a great chat room there my team Tech Guy hang out throughout the show at IRC, dot twit dot TV. and they talk amongst themselves but they're also listening to the show and often they're very good about About helping out on problems like this? It's a youtube video. He's watching the video does a screen grab the screen grab? This is the key to me looks normal after he does it, he can open it up. In a windows photos or it can open up in apple's preview and he sees it he sees the screengrabs a normal image. That should print. So. What I suggest is maybe there's something wrong with the printer try printing a screen. You know just grab a screen grab of of just a regular screen see if that prints on your windows or your Mac try a different program to print from like your view. I can't think of why that wouldn't work. Can't figure out why that wouldn't work, but I would try printing some other things. I. Scooter X. might have a handle on this. He says maybe. The issue is this is just to higher resolution file. Maybe..

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