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Positive results come after one of the president's closest aides hope Hicks came down with a highly contagious virus earlier this week. Although Trump and those close to him are regularly tested for covert, they Rarely wear masks in public at the White House or on Air Force one During Tuesday's debate. Trump even mocked Joe Biden for his frequent mask wearing Pentagon says President Trump's positive test for Covert 19 has not changed the military posture anywhere in the world. We hear more from NPR's Greg Myron. The Pentagon said in a statement that the news about President Trump did not prompt any change to quote The readiness or capability of our armed forces are national command and control structure is in no way affected. Defense Secretary Mark Esper is travelling in North Africa and is continuing his trip is planned. The U. S election season always raises concerns that a foreign country might take an aggressive action during a time when the U. S is focused on domestic politics trumps Corona virus status adds to those concerns, though the White House said the president has been giving directions to his staff. Greg Marie. NPR NEWS Washington Stocks finished lower on Wall Street, The Dow was down about half a percent. This is NPR. And this is WNBC in New York. I'm David first. New York City will begin randomized testing for covert 19 at public schools next week, The Department of Education has asked families to fill out consent forms to allow students to undergo testing at schools. It will select a random sample of each school's staff and student body every month between 10 and 20%. Gothamist reporter Sophia Chang says the tests will use a short swab similar to a Q tip. Mayor De Blasio's says it will be the gentle, just slight swabbing around the nostril and shouldn't be too annoying or painful. Department of Education says it will give families several chances to return the consent forms. If they don't consent and schools don't have the sample sizes they need. Those students may be moved. Too remote learning. The city's decision to move about 230 men experiencing homelessness from an upper West Side hotel to one in the financial district is facing fierce resistance from their new would be neighbors. During a nearly three hour meeting last night, the lower Manhattan residents asked why the city hadn't located a private, outdoor or indoor space where the men could spend daylight hours instead of lingering on the street. A representative from the Department of Homeless Services at Jocelyn Carter wouldn't guarantee it but didn't rule out the idea of illnesses have a right to public spaces to almond. But we will work with you alone, not with project and you wanted my team to see if we can find a place whether it is directly there. Mayor's choice to shut down. The Lucerne hotel came after a group of Upper West Siders threatened to sue. Artists and activists will march in Manhattan this weekend to honor a group of young slavery abolitionists from 18 60 called the wide awakes Hank Willis Thomas is an artist and collaborator on the event, he says the wide awakes Helps get Abraham Lincoln elected by pushing political enlightenment around issues of racial justice and immigration. Thomas says 2020 seems like the perfect year to honor the group. We thought that it would be fitting 160 years later. Where there's so much radical change, happening and great awakening to create an event in Memoriam and salute to this emancipation of event. The procession starts at noon tomorrow at the Africa.

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