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Seconds away from the commanders started Ludi elected. Yes. No to balance the rail. Letterman Lanigan looking pretty good James Hinchcliffe. I think he's the one that's had to pay all day. So all things equal strategy working out. I wouldn't be surprised to see him at the top of the podium today. And I had this conversation earlier today. No wants to talk much about Scott Dixon. I mean, much was made of the fact that, you know, the seven podium ear and no wins, Scott. His not said a lot about the reds. He's not said a lot about the blacks. Not a lot of people have been talking about it and still focused a lot on Colton Herta. And there he sits P three yet. No, I completely agree with you. And while I can also see a complete upset coming from someone like Felix Rosenquist and seventeenth by going off strategy. If there are some full course yellow so anything could happen. But certainly the early indication from practice would point to James Hinchcliffe, looking very very strong while this place is buried forgiving. Thing at times would he get off course by the same token. Some of these gravel traps here are so deep that. If you get off course just a few feet. You're going to bring out a full course caution and don't forget all the rain. There's been so essentially like mud out there, even on the grass. So yeah. Going off line too far is gonna seriously upset you and could easily bring out a caution. Yeah. It's good to be an interesting race to watch it unfold. All ninety laps of it time to go prac- side, where a familiar voice a legend is about ready to give the command. Alabama race fans..

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