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Again this early morning. The capitol is open the game in Ottawa with a pair of first period power play goals from TJ oshie and Anthony mantha and did not score again in a 5 two loss to the senators. Oh, she's explanation. The first 20, we were shooting. We were supporting each other and that kind of just went away. I don't know, maybe they tired us out or we got a little overconfident with the pucker or what it was, but definitely the two penalties by me hurt us, and then we just couldn't get back on our feet. On the college gridiron, Virginia snapped a three game slide with a 16 to 9 win at Georgia Tech, the Cavaliers first ACC victory of the season. Brennan Armstrong had 349 total yards through his 57th career touchdown pass to set a school record up a level the Arizona Cardinals got picked 6s of Andy Dalton on consecutive second quarter drives. They held on to beat the New Orleans Saints 42 34 in what was by far the highest scoring Thursday night of the year and it would be upstaged by a blockbuster trade that sends Christian McCaffrey from Carolina to San Francisco in exchange for Ford total draft picks, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, who pointed out how the commanders helped to make this deal happen. The forty-niners had extra picks from losing Robert Saleh to the New York Jets and from losing Mike mcdaniel to the Miami Dolphins and from losing Martin mayhew to do Washington commanders. So the forty-niners had 6 bonus third round picks spread over years. ALCS game two in Houston saw the Astros beat the Yankees three to two to take a two O series lead as the series shifts to New York Saturday, rob woodfork WTO sports. Rob four 46, bride, you've already knocked over 21st. Welcome into WTO.

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