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That's right miss, Marjorie. On the front porch, chicken at the dust mop and I heard the judge Tom to the mailman. Today where we might have well facing donkeys headed for a new romance here we go again. Watch don't tell, aren't even we're talking about. What's going on here? How long? Is usually high on. What are you all whispering about? What's the matter with everybody today? What's going on in my back? Well, see you later on got to wash out my second. From homework to do well, get out the kitchen just a minute. All of you you're keeping something to. Laugh yes, you find out sooner or later. Find out about what very. Port shaken dust. Heard him talking. You earn them talking about. That Miss Guilty I did happen to him I, wasn't he stopped? I didn't say you were ready. WHO Talking? Shaking the best my I love these jobs. I didn't make you you of eavesdropping what? What did you hear well? Judge tell the mailman. Ms Atlanta Bachata moved in next door misaligned fairchild race yourself on. She's Leila ransoms cousins. What yeah she's moving in today. Next Door I. Don't get excited Dong. Why don't you sit down for a minute? You look a little Pale. Get your water matter with you, too. I'm alright. Of course I am. That's what all the shooting is about A. Peavey and that judge. Everybody acts like all I. Ever think about is women. I've got other things on my mind, too. Whole thing is ridiculous, just because some woman moves in next door and I. Just hope you'll be a little careful Through when Leila Leftovers IR children may not know it, but you rolled onto a changed man. I'll admit that I have sometimes loved not wisely, but too well. That's all over now. New. Neighbor means nothing to me. Nothing what Sir! where? Getting out of the judges car. Lord. I thought you weren't interested. I'll just natural curiosity. Look at the judge. Taking her by the arm, he'll go that silly grin. He Pretty Neat All I. Uh, shoes rather attractive. They can to. Not Bad. For Peace and a pair salts. Looks quite a bit like Leyla Walk to guess all southern women walk like that. He's kind of cute at that. Nice smile twos. Leila used to smile at way. You're weakening. You might as well go over neater now and get it over with. Wouldn't hurt just to drop over for a minute. Knack neighbor no logo. Leila but I've learned my lesson. No woman has ever GonNa. Make a fool of me again..

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