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Thought that was your real name Calvin Klein Calvin Klein I got you put that on no I draw a long time ago gotcha yeah so so what are you going to eat for dinner because that's very important I've been thinking about that because we've been talking about food all morning long doing maths and I've been thinking about Matt's I'm thinking about bar you know talking to Skeeter got me thinking about barbecue but I am more motivated than ever right now to go it did to go do takeout to do whatever I can yeah for these folks and it's gonna be interesting you know I think a lot of people might get sick of eating at home and they might even we might see more business at restaurants and they think they're going to see yeah I bought myself last night snack in a little bit I'm I'm worried about the self isolation thing I don't want you know you go to college get the freshmen ten I don't wanna get the cold nineteen the covert ten yeah I think the call but nineteen pounds over the next six weeks over ninety I'm gonna focus on that right I wonder if they're gonna is since there's going to be you know obviously a baby boom as well from everybody staying home we speak for yourself man lot of baby's name code right yeah Alyssa all the rows of dollars they say they're going to go to a local slice and I get the pizza and the calzones local supplies I've never had the calzones but I bet it's pretty good well I can't meet you come on yeah there's no such thing as a bad can't you make your own cal's own isn't right you can make your own done sure that's true what they say are motivated to do it right now so matches probably match the heat is would be a good way to go here tonight I'm thinking about smoking some ribs on the grill you know I was thinking the same thing to I was thinking the same thing so that that might be coming up as well when you're behind what's your process what do you do how do you break it down well it's nothing S. is is nothing magic I mean you know I I do because I do it you do it on a real smoker right yeah I do it on there I'm a man I do not.

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