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You david snyder is executive director of the first amendment coalition the president also took aim and some fire from the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee erstwhile pile now sparring partner republican bob corker president trump went on another tweet storm or this warning over outgoing republican senator bob corker and senator corker responded by calling the white house quote and adult daycare center markers trump as toddler metaphor had long been a media trump it has been a are off dr to this school year for donald trump his report card is definitely going to say has problems working and playing well with others and there's not much we can do what can we do because the oval office doesn't have any corners you can't put him in a time out good for a chacko until you considered the gelled thana given that the president has the nuclear codes and death and shrink from baiting north korea into a potential war here's vanity fair special correspondent gabriel sherman speaking with chris hayes this week is a conversation i had with a very prominent republican today who literally early was saying that they imagine general kelly as secretary mattis had had conversations out if trump lunged for the nuclear football what would they do when they tackle him i mean literally physically restrained him from putting the country at perilous risk in this narrative chief of staff john kelly secretary of defense james mattis national security adviser h r mcmaster and secretary of state rex tillerson are the guardians of probity the socalled adults in the room they have been seen as the real adults but i think having kelly as the chief of staff i and i think it'll help reinforce the sort of adults in the room including mcmaster mcmaster madison and tell us that in that those are the growing announced of adults the adults and he's not listening to them they're riding in the new york review of bucks author james man cautions against the media's use of the phrase adults in the room because it distracts us from asking other crucial questions about these powerful man he also says that the phrase as applied to trump is it too parche her from its classic use in the capital go back.

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