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This week. Also, a lot of Broadway reopens. I know we were talking with our friend Miguel Cervantes. Who played Alexander Hamilton here in Chicago for five years. In just was magnificent in that role and now has taken over the role of Alexander Hamilton on Broadway. He was set to take over the role. Right when the pandemic hit everything Shut down, And now the Broadway is reopening and Hamilton is reopening. Miguel will be doing his, uh, take over. Of one of the most popular musicals in the world. Right now and over at the Goodman Theater. They ever production that will be in previews beginning Sept. The 18th. And then officially opening a week from tomorrow September, 27th called American Mariachi. That will be directed by the Amazing Henry. Uh, Deena's Who joins us on the phone line right now, Henry. Nice to talk to you again, My friend. How are you? I mean, greater talk to you, too. I'm well, Thank you really appreciate it. I'm so happy to hear that things are percolating again. The Goodman and at other theaters. What's the last year Plus been like for you had to be very frustrating. You know, it has been. It has been very frustrating, but a couple of things that have made it A little easier to deal with one is knowing that every single person in our field around the world has been experiencing the same thing and going through the same thing. And there's an odd sort of solace and comfort in that, you know, um, but it's also been an opportunity for us to get really sort of creative. About how we can share. A theater A and storytelling and content with audiences. Um, you know, at the Goodman last summer, we actually took A piece that we were supposed to do in the fall of 2020 and did a sort of abbreviated version in the parks throughout Chicago in collaboration with the city and the Park District. And that was incredibly gratifying and One of my great mentors, Luis Valdez, who wrote and directed the film, The Bomba, Uh, you know, used to say, you know, sometimes when people can't go to the theater, you gotta take theater to the people. Yeah, No, and and we had unprecedented ways of doing that now. With the Internet. Uh, one of the things that really bowled me over during the pandemic. Was the creative efforts by creative people. They weren't just going to sit around and do nothing. They started They started doing online place and online presentations and theaters, you know, presentations out in the parks and You know, places like that. You just can't hold creative people down for you Can you know it will out you know, stories have to be told. And And I think people need that. I think audiences need To feel like they are seeing themselves reflected and their experiences reflected through plays through and and the you know what makes theaters so cool is that is that you do that in a communal way with other people? Other audience members sitting in a room sitting in a park. And, you know, even sitting online. You can share that with other people. So well, you know, we got, uh, it seemed weird in the beginning to be watching. Musicals and plays and stage productions. Some of some of the most creative things that I saw were these staged readings, uh, at which actors or musicians, singers All performed something in their house. And then some genius came along and sink everything together, so it you know it all made sense and was in harmony and You know, beauty, and it's like, well, that's not only just putting something out there on the net that is really kind of creating a new art form in and of itself. Absolutely. I think you're exactly right there. And I think that you know, as we come out of this pandemic, Lord, please. Um, you know that some of these innovations are going to be with us, you know? Um, And that's that's not a bad thing. It's not a bad thing. You know that sometimes now the place that we do here in Chicago will be able to be seen by people all around the world. Right. Right. And that's you know, that's cool. Well, the the latest production that Henry is directing is called American Mariachi. Which which one? I'll get into in more detail in just a second. But before we even get into that, uh, the Goodman theater. What are the protocols right now, if someone were to come To see the show at the Goodman Tell us, you know, people want to know how. How, how safe they are going to be when they go to a theater. Well, they're going to be safe. Audiences are going to be safe because one you either need to show proof of vaccination. Um or a very, you know, recent Uh, negative test covid test and then audience members are all going to be masked as to be masked. And and there will be some socially distance. You know, there will be distance. People won't be packed necessarily right next to each other, Um, what we did, But schoolgirls there will tend. You know, there will be an empty cedars. So between groups of people, you know you and your family. You and your date, Uh, things like that. There's my dog saying good morning to do. Um, so And then, Of course, the company the actors, we are all vaccinated and, uh, and are tested every week. At the theater and all of the crew backstage likewise, and will also be masked so and and also at the Goodman we have completely redone are H back system. Um, so you know, we are mitigating the situation as much as possible. And And and so far so good that You know, just a little common sense goes along the way. Little common sense boy. That's that's for sure. And, uh, it is, uh, it's the response. It's the right thing to do. It's the responsible, you know, way to do this. If we are to get back to, you know, quote normal. Uh, this is the way that we have to do it now until we get you know, hopefully get this under control. Sometimes soon for how many years have you been associated with the Goodman, Henry? Oh, my goodness. Well without you know, making myself seem ancient first, which I do feel that part of the reason that I was asking because I felt ancient because your name is so Associated With, you Know, productions I want to say going back to the mid nineties. Maybe yes, as a director. Absolutely. That's exactly right. Dean. Um, I've been so blessed and been so blessed to work at the Goodman and To call the Goodman my artistic home. I first didn't performed as an actor, which is the way I was trained as an actor and, uh, moved here to Chicago right after grad school and Did my first play at the Goodman is an actor in Romeo and Juliet, DB Cates and the.

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