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So, I was thinking about talking to you today I was thinking. What would probably what we both speak double the pace we do normally because there's so many things to talk about. I think I'm going to have long enough. I would say my best to shoehorn and. Your life as packed in more than than most people have. So we start with the hair. No. So what is happening in your working life at the moment? Well, this challenging time, not just burrito in general but just because you know the corona virus is really quite Everybody's the only game of how they make or work. Yeah So but that aside, you know we've got some great things going on with just at it's new range called my fav-, which is all about my very important for China, I my My they've okay is just let the short name for just the name, but did manage to get Lorraine Kelly to say vagina twice on on Lorraine Soleil. Achievement. Has Impressive. I, think so. I just I think women generally hassle second all the time and you know whether we will ever phase of your life with you've just had children or you've gone through menopause or whatever is you know sexual being is really important really important. So and it's not something to be trivialized, which is why we saw Bo out this well, actually the reason throughout this range. A range of It's got sex toys in it, but it's actually from therapy right through to pleasure candles and You know all sorts of things for the for that whole sort of. Wellbeing sort of failing, but it was because I had breast cancer I don't know that but I I, just Win The man to the doctor with. Prostate cancer or something. The first thing the doctor says is this is going to affect your sex life, but with women has not spoken about really and just think. You know there needs to be something that makes me feel more comfortable. So that's really what I've been doing. Yeah. Well, actually maybe that's Typically, iceberg actually when it's ever spoken about in relation to justice going on with women generally are our sex lives in our relationships with our body in that we know. When you have a baby and all those things it's not really something that is sort of alluded to sometimes about when it might be appropriate time to restart your sex life after you give birth but. You. The hormones and your emotional thing in your connection with yourself again, it's not really something that I don't know if I would've known who to speak to about the time more. If it's even really given much much space, we often feel embarrassed or are they going to think this is silly. Yeah it's not silly. Air Will I think I don't know I might be wrong but certainly I mean I'm friends with. Girlfriends where we're very confident about talking loads of stuff but I think. Talking about sex lives is something that I think is probably if I do you know. So, Pie Chart of what we talk about I think it's really tiny thing because most people are still. Very private, but also I feel like it's still quite to maybe even teenagers my friends talk about it or. It's because what? Because maybe they felt like it's removed that awkwardness because I'm sure once you. Open the floodgates. There's so much to talk about and actually what you've talked about with my given. The Hellenistic side, the the candles and the mass things. That's so key because it's so emotional and I think the older you get the betty recognizing the need to put up on equal footing. Really..

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