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So Nelson yelling at Brad. Yeah. I was clear why the show I still thought I was in the last week on the show picked up with this. Like, I thought this had been resolved at the end of the house step aside. I love them doing this this cow. They they go to commercials sometimes with teams, and they pick up where it just left this what they're doing now with the episodes. They just ended episode and they just treated like you went on a week long commercial break, and it just comes right back on. Which would be fine. Except that like I thought this was resolved. Just didn't think there was anything. More to relive this moment, I do ever frustration. That Nelson is like calling Brad old and talking about an X generation knows thirty like Nelson's not like a new spring chicken off the block. He was I think twenty six news. I'm already the one which is like absolutely -ancient for that show. I remember that because when we used to do previews and I used to print everyone's giant color photo. All the information, we have from MTV was that Nelson were fedora, and he was twenty six and that really stuck with me. Because at the time that was old now, I'm twenty seven, and I'm like everyone's on Brad on this for doors, like maybe the most iconic piece of clothing that anyone's ever worn on TV show for you MTV. I was like he's that's not even the most iconic fedora wearing but. Yeah. And then TV for sure do I mentioned that a lot every sort of past when Nelson. Fix that. I had because fedora picture. Well, true. It's true. So. All right. So anything else before we go to the house with TJ columns people not much there? The one thing about Cam Cam. That's starting to look far be it for me to come for Killick Queen Cam. But she was grading on me a little bit this episode because I think it's a hot take. I think I'm not as high on Cam as others. I think she your her grants moves have been grossly overrated idea. Enjoy her on the show. I just don't think she's as rate. What did you call last week like high effort low impact or something like, basically? Yeah. I just also think like she has such an unreal lay of spinning things. They no longer even think she's like in on it like it's getting annoying to me that she's like, oh, I lost to a legend. I lost a legend you lost Natalie. It's also wants to Marie and also you just lost. Like, she just has this way of maintaining this like almost bananas level, like false sense of superiority, and that also goes to her crazy plans. Like, I pulled off the craziest reteaching move Queen cans and the building like you're not going to believe this. And it's like Joe's Dave elimination. Like, it's just like all right Cam. Like, you're twisting it so much that now I'm starting to see through this year's I enjoy Kyle getting super butthurt over because that's something that he would. Easily predict him getting upset over like, oh you girl. Kyle would easily get offended over. And I'm going to be offended for the next. I don't know six months of this podcast with the full zombie ventriloquist's dummy that is Natalie new freshly vessel leaned chin in the confessional like grossing ever seen in my life. Yeah. That was that's a rough. Look, that's awful. When I don't get is. How is it gonna worse because when she doesn't have the band aid on immediately after the challenge, it's not that bad. And like somehow it's like so much worse in the interview room. Yeah. It's it's unclear like the timing of these interviews is always questionable. But feels like interviews. We'll go later. So it should better than what it on the show. So it is very up which I thought one of the most interesting parts of the episode, and as we get into the desert on the south, let this episode should be studied in a reality. TV course, or like, television course, I mean, I know I don't know if anybody else teaches those besides maxed Oshun, but like this to me like felt like a case study in rally television and part of that was when we got to see the interview room, which I did answer the question that as we've previously has been reported that they film all these later like later later off the show, but it seems like they're doing them live. Yeah..

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