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Team was called in. After several hours of negotiations, A gunman finally surrendered your Chicago police superintendent David Brown. It's highlights the dangers, but it also highlights the bravery, dedication and commitment officers have and really running toward danger to protect the people of Chicago again. This is the third time in less than a week were a police officer has been injured by gunfire. In my 25 year old man was fatally shot Saturday afternoon and Forest Park police say officers responded to reports of shots fired in the old 100 block of Harlem Avenue. They discovered vehicle parked outside the C T. A Green line terminal near Haarlem, Amadou and Circle Avenue name of the gunshot wound was inside the car. Mamma's transported the loyal a hospital where he was pronounced dead. No one is in custody ahead of next week's covert 19 vaccination expansion and Illinois, The statewide positivity rate is holding steady. There are 1962 new confirmed and probable covert 19 cases and 25 additional deaths reported by Illinois health officials on Saturday. Statewide positivity rates 2.6% that's about where it's been since the beginning of the month. Its peak was nearly 21% of late November. Beginning Monday, Higher education staff, government employees and members of the media will be eligible for vaccines, Food and beverage workers, construction, trade workers and religious leaders will be eligible a week later on March 29th. I'm Kessler, WGN News In Miami Beach. City leaders are imposing an emergency eight p.m. to six a.m. curfew effective immediately, saying.

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