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Two where the Queen became queen she agreed to her do supply was so. Active power of you know she would take advice from the government. Rob Them days nothing in law saying. Say Prince Charles. Becomes tomorrow. He doesn't actually have to side move of the laws. He doesn't have to take the advance if he wants to do, he could clear who government and start the game you know because. You Sieve. On the will emerge believe saving Canada's well, you save the pressure of the Queen. All the moment. shows dysphasia towards. They can typically fire you aware it gets even more batters is there's nothing to prime minister a do it because the prime minister himself doesn't control the troops the troops try that roost to the Queen. So that's very interesting. A lot of confusion and misunderstanding on the powers of the monarch in this modern day. They. Don't seem to understand because we have a written constitution. Order Fees Yeah From you know middle, ages, Annesley FEM- you working to laws and stuff like. They all still technically in low. Still technically bet with precedents. So the practice of this back So what was it? People in the UK were complaining about law speakers Kalman's John bip. Because, he would rule them something, but he used a old ruling. A previous speaker like four hundred years. If you're not going to write a constitution. You know what I mean can still yeah already legal. It's their full. At their. What I find funny is people were arguing full brexit Joel. Change of. The people who are parliamentary solvency back at the hospital. But they don't seem to understand the elementary demeans going back on presses the throughout ages. So we'll actually John BIC was in win. And I know he's using the ruler Gates. But what he was doing was inserting all there mentally sulphur. Jamaa. That's very interesting. Terry I'm going to go ahead and to end this interview, but I want to get you back or sure to discuss more about this. I'm like I say the Insurance and It would be to get you on. Around election time or beget. One of I was a you have an election this year in the state for you. Yes. Yes, we do. Yes that it always I should him. Yes it always exciting. Anytime Jerry I love to. Come on with you anytime. You'd like and you're always welcome to come back on our show. We we love to discuss all. We don't discriminate. We love people that are out there putting their voice out and getting results. That's what it's about and talking. and. Helping people. That's what. We have tackling. Shared your experience. you know me talking about my experiences may actually help you learn about another extreme. Token She goes with education. Is Not off about reading a book. Yeah I do read quite a bit. You know stuff like that I come to my own judgments because sometimes although book says have say. Like an instruction book, You may not go to a but you don't to be. Action. To a sometimes it's of it. You know. Sometimes yet in black and white says this it doesn't actually mean it doesn't mean what is written around the box of because I'm dyspraxia in dyslexic you because you said, you have this exit, we seem to think about outside the ball. Into a bit more than that all. Who Don't so Maybe we should be running our countries allow these peer. into you know. How do people find you and how can they get involved with you? We are actually people. We have a program volunteers socio podcast. We'd happy shy. Of Casts. On our website Chat. Stuff is the like after said the Is Smaller. So, if you go to real area call, let's R. E.. A., L. E.. Y. O. Dot. com. And a website or facebook twitter instagram U2 we have future. Because we're trying China Youtube the. MOLA's list. On Eighteen And other things. I like a real barrier. In. Check. Like, what's going on with our own sub? So if you go to Google on Typing Real Tarot your everything about love or like a set gotjunk facebook page twitter instagram. Youtube. Terminal website real terrier DOT com. Anyone. There are lots of ways of you can join us what you can do on our website we all over holding A. Movement has earned a virus which. I didn't know what trying to be there for people. So if you all vulnerable in society. Behind. And you know I'm in the. Untold if you? All. Need to go into she oak Pathak ory you're not meant to go out. So twelve weeks. Took ten these people have is abilities. They have mental health problems on the old over. The. Vulnerable. Who aren't going you know and they've also being told that the family members come visit them and stuff like that spread the reach. The Corona virus. We voted to seal the host. So with overhauled topless stuff, we're doing a podcast every two days. Each you know across the all. We also have comedy casts as well adult not. Funny, American listless because they're written from the Greenwich comedy point-of-view, alligator t-shirt. They actually did get quite big in America. With Johnny. It's a very on comedy that we made such hold. Dick, Bachelor. Bachelor is no one. It's a big old free of his imagination. Basically he is the worst. I don't know how do. What? He is A. WHO's trapped in straight wheel? WHO Actually belongs somewhere in the century rather than twenty th century. And leaves in. And you know. We're able to people that we've met like fraud license where able to throw back on how you know experiences and stuff aw of mine contact ten it's not many people get them out new. You know some we spoke with someone. Of the gates they come in as car those two we've been writing this for us. So it.

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