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The daily dot TV we've had dogs all our lives and we love alone we rescued our current little powder puff from the shelter it seems he has no idea how to play I feel bad he doesn't have any interest in toys is he's sad from Betty in Florida thank you for writing that he and Betty did right Stephen Steve Dale dot TV I don't think your dog is sad Betty I mean you know dogs are for that matter probably people don't know what they don't have right having said that you would be great if your dog can place I want to want to tell you some secret first of all I don't know why your dog isn't it could be that your dog never had that opportunity that's most likely the case you probably don't know the history behind your dog but yes dogs can learn to play and it would it would be nice to be a good thing I mean dogs live for some dogs love to play and it sounds like you have a very small dog here and especially small dogs arguably live to play especially was squeaky toys right so I'd get some squeaking twice not big ones when I want to scare the dog in don't pull out the tori goes squeak squeak in front of the of the dog's face the best time to teach a dog to play think about it now is when the dogs are ready in that mode and when might that be when you come home so what I would do is keep a squeaky toy on a table or desk chair near where you're Doris and when you come home after being away not for five minutes but after being away a couple of hours your dog is so excited right happy to see you that would be the time where I'd say that's a you know kind of squat down or bend down take that toy and say let's play and you know what this sounds crazy but act like a dog there have been studies or at least one study that actually suggested when you wiggle your rear end like a dog dog kind of get that and and when you raise your voice a little and are excited as excited as the dog but don't go overboard that may scare the dog then your dog is most likely to play at that time and when I say act like a dog you don't need to bark don't do that you don't need to growl really don't do that just have fun and if you're having fun it is more likely your dog will pick up on that as well you can email your questions to Steve at Steven Dale that TV coming up next a conversation about.

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