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Listen to our boy wits on pm tea he was on wednesday's episode be sure to check data what do you got which anything we were talking more adam foote earlier in his nose and tim 100 just came onto a snow that is a snow imagine fight knack guy dyke my hand on his nose now just pummel needed i think looks like a left turn sex holy shit no yeah pardon my take always enjoy when those those guys have me onto that was fun what else we got all i'm going to be at nhl network thursday to slow this release on friday but i'll be there all next week so check me out maybe a check check me out chirp me if i got any complaints about you know how i talk on tv but you suits in the lineup dog get fitted for a bunch this dis trap so good getting some new suits in the mix i need a new suits off i can get a hold on a milton's dude yeah no i don't see i want a suit like the next time you have one is going to be like a millions makes nice stuff out never go there but they make nice stuff melton so i if they make ruined absolutely overdue for a suit yeah all right you'll need it if we if we wing maybe we somehow go to the two thousand nineteen were a classic going to be hard though are a we're going to money at the start saving our money now we'll do what are those fathers sons suit deals at men's warehouse we'll get to buy one get one free sale works so yeah yeah i was all right with you and your old you'll have one yuck yeah all right i'll be a twenty eight yearold father are i won't that's gonna wrap up episode fifty thanks again of chief for common on thanks to nicky benino coming on always a pleasure to get healthy body yet healthy get your back in the lineup bomb and i think that's gonna wrap up for the week there was so much tougher will guarantee we we didn't get a lots of the league i mean we did have notes about the the blues and the jets of the day.

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